PowerShell – Network Command – “Test-NetConnection”

Background Continuing with preparing for our planned Network work. Lineage PowerShell – Network Command – "Get-NetAdapter" Link Test-NetConnection Outline The Test-NetCommand provides basic network connection testing over the TCP Protocol. Exercises Exercise - Basic Outline Basic network connectivity test TCP Network Port Test Network Port Number specified as numeric "Common TCP" Port Port Test Diagnostic … Continue reading PowerShell – Network Command – “Test-NetConnection”

PowerShell – Network Command – “Get-NetAdapter”

Background Have a few days of network diagnostic work ahead. And, so let us prepare and go through our requirements worksheet. Get-NetAdapter Outline The Get-NetAdapter command lists the network adapter on our machine. Syntax Sample Output Output-Image Output-Text Explanation I am on a laptop using a wireless connection The key points for me are My … Continue reading PowerShell – Network Command – “Get-NetAdapter”