PowerShell:- Out-GridView -PassThru | Set-Clipboard

Background Yesterday, I found myself struggling with a database project. I thought let me capture some metadata, view it in a grid view and I will have more to go with.   Clipboard Captured the data into a data table, pipelined it into GridView. Got a good thing going. As always got greedy. Thought to … Continue reading PowerShell:- Out-GridView -PassThru | Set-Clipboard

Microsoft:- Office 365 – Version

Background Those who are charged with purchasing Microsoft products are noticing that Microsoft is running full steam ahead with its transition from selling products to selling services. In days gone by customers spaced along a few years, customers will buy Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2017, etc. More recently it is Office 365. Question Earlier … Continue reading Microsoft:- Office 365 – Version