Powershell – Module Dependency ( ActiveDirectory )

Background As always downloaded a script over the Internet. The problem now is I can not get it to work. Active Directory User Check Outline Here is credit to the author and a link to the script :- svendsen tech Check if an AD user exists with Get-ADUser Link Script Output Image Textual TroubleShooting Outline … Continue reading Powershell – Module Dependency ( ActiveDirectory )

Powershell – Modules ( .psm1 )

Background Powershell is a beautiful language. It weaves well. Constraint That flowness can be an annoyance to those who come from more structured and object oriented languages such as C++, C#, Java. Module If one learns how to use Modules in Powershell, one can move a bit further towards more structure and encapsulation. Sample Code … Continue reading Powershell – Modules ( .psm1 )

Network Adapter Configuration – Powershell

Background Needing a quick visible listing of current Network Adapter Configurations. Googled on the need and found a one liner. One Liner PowerTip: Use PowerShell to Find MAC Address Link   WMI WMI - win32_networkadapterconfiguration CIM CIM - win32_networkadapterconfiguration Script Powershell networkAdapterConfiguration.ps1 Code Output   Explanation Areas covered :- Description macaddress DHCPEnabled IPAddress DefaultIPGateway IPSubnet … Continue reading Network Adapter Configuration – Powershell

PowerShell – COM Programming – App – Word.Application – Day 01

  Outline Determine the Application ID for the Application's Com Object Example Microsoft Office Microsoft Word => Word.Application Issue [type]::GetTypeFromProgID against Application ID Links Link Issue [Activator]::CreateInstance against the retrieved type Links Link Retrieve the follow Object's Property Version Build BuildFull Path Code PowerShell Output Source Code Sharing GitHub Gist DanielAdeniji/ComObjectsThroughPowerShell.ps1 Link

.Net – Enum – Gets return based on value

Background I was reading more about enums and noticed a worthy stumble upon by Brian Schroer. Brian's Take Brian's take is that both of the enum data type Get methods return lists ordered by the enum's entry assigned value. Enum Brian's list looks like this :- Expectation One might expect the list to be returned … Continue reading .Net – Enum – Gets return based on value