PostgreSQL :- XMLTABLE Function

Background A far more easier choice to parse XML data is to use the XMLTable function. Lineage Here are past postings on XML parsing options in PostgreSQL :- XPath XPATH Link   Data Here is a sample of the XML file. Image XMLTABLE Query Outline XMLTable Path /bible/b/c/v Passing Column Name contextxml Columns book path … Continue reading PostgreSQL :- XMLTABLE Function

PostgreSQL :- XPATH Function

Background We have our XML file imported into the database. Objective Let us start to make sense of of it. XPATH We can use the XPATH function to query it. Data Here is what our XML looks like. Image Query Outline Common Table Expression ( CTE ) To compartmentalize things a bit we use a … Continue reading PostgreSQL :- XPATH Function

Transact SQL :- XQuery – Union

Background I have been working with an XML document, but never bothered looking at the DTD. Thankfully Thankfully today I found I was missing some patterns. And, so need to quickly understand how to perform Xpath OR matching; I guess it is called XPath Union. Sample XML Fragment Here is a sample XML fragment. Code … Continue reading Transact SQL :- XQuery – Union

PowerShell / Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo – Is Server up?

Background Stole a code for my Bro A.M. Hit him up on Linked In to give him on credit. Relating to these Industry luminaries on a different level now, no more bootlegging. Legit Stealing. Wish the same on the next ones behind me on the Street; swear on my Mama. Code Outline param Accept the … Continue reading PowerShell / Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo – Is Server up?

Transact SQL – XQuery – Ancestor

Background Playing around with XML, but dug in a quicksand. XML Here is the XML Image Code Code Code Find Nodes whose element matches specific value SQL Output Pass X PATH :- Child::bar/Attribute SQL Output Find Descendants SQL Output Find Ascendants SQL Output Output - Textual Output - Image Source Code Control Git Hub TransactSQLXQuery/ancenstor/ … Continue reading Transact SQL – XQuery – Ancestor

Win OS – Error – “Certificate for local system with Thumbprint is about to expire or already expired”

Background Want to quickly deal with a MS Windows Error. The error is logged in the Event Viewer and it reads :- Certificate for local system with Thumbprint is about to expire or already expired. Event Viewer Windows Logs Application List List Events Image Tabulate Log Name :- Application Source :- CertificateServicesClient-AutoEnrollment Event ID :- … Continue reading Win OS – Error – “Certificate for local system with Thumbprint is about to expire or already expired”

Avail Open-ssh on Windows

Background Reading up more on AWS and wanted to review available options for connecting to EC2 instances. There are a few pathways such as SSH ( Linus & Windows ), Remote Desktop ( Windows ), and API. SSH Client On MS Windows, Putty is the most popular SSH Client. Starting with MS Window 10 Build … Continue reading Avail Open-ssh on Windows