Powershell:- Raising an ArgumentException

Background Good software engineers engage in defensive development. As opposed to offensive practices. Code In this post, we will employ .Net's System.ArgumentException to offer examples of how to better help the developer know why an application is failing. Outline Function:- calculatorGraceful If operation is equal and divisor is 0 If exceptionType is 1 throw (New-Object … Continue reading Powershell:- Raising an ArgumentException

Powershell:- Import-CSV And Array Subexpression

Background Experienced a little error using Import-CSV. Error PropertyNotFoundException Error Image Error Text   Datafiles Datafile - Number of Lines - 01   Datafile - Number of Lines - 02   Code Original   Revision   Use Scenario Original Code File - Number of Lines - 2 Invoke Output Output - Image Output - Text … Continue reading Powershell:- Import-CSV And Array Subexpression