Win OS – Dos Command – Dir – Filtering

Background In Microsoft's Win OS, we use the dir ( directory ) command to list files and folders on the file system.   ls Linux has its ls command.Β  We have dir. Interesting enough, in Linux, everything is a file. As such simply saying ls, that is list, is very short cut. While being fully … Continue reading Win OS – Dos Command – Dir – Filtering

Powershell:- Sourcing Files

Background Microsoft's Powershell is a very matured tool that provides various tooling towards modularized software development. In this post, we will considering one of it foundational offerings. Sourcing For instance, you download a powershell script from an online source. You look at the code and you like the way it does something. So you identify … Continue reading Powershell:- Sourcing Files

Powershell:- Import-CSV – Filtered List

Background Employing Import-CSV to read in a datafile. My use case will work better if I am able to comment out certain entries' as opposed to outright removing them from the datafile. Datafiles Datafile - Number of Lines - 11 Script Outline Read File $listofPersons = @(Import-CSV -Path $filename -Delimiter "|"); Filter List Construct Discard … Continue reading Powershell:- Import-CSV – Filtered List

Powershell:- Function Invocation Pass Variables By Reference

Background Quick Refresher on Powershell. Specifically, how to pass arguments to functions by value and by reference. Outline Global Variables Declare functionName [string] $global:functionName = ""; Prefix variable name with $global Function Get-FunctionName Function stringConcatByValueAndReference Function Declaration stringConcatByValueAndReference([string]$str1, [string]$str2, [ref]$result) Input Variables str1 and str2 passed by value Output Variable result passed by reference Set … Continue reading Powershell:- Function Invocation Pass Variables By Reference

Russell Westbrook:- Spoken On

Tweets Patrick Beverly Bleacher Report ( @BleacherReport ) 2022-September-26th Pat Bev Clears The Air About His Relationship With Russell Westbrook Profile Pat Bev's story of when Russ bought his sister courtside tickets πŸ™Œ "If I was to name a best friend [on the team] it'd easily be him" Tweets Tweet #1 Channel:- BleacherReport Date Added:- … Continue reading Russell Westbrook:- Spoken On

Git – File Operations – Case Sensitivity

Background If you use git from the command line as I do, you will likely run into git file command requests that does not stick. For instance, you issue "git add <filename>". And, issue "git commit" or "git status" and notice that the file you added is not tagged for local commit. If your file … Continue reading Git – File Operations – Case Sensitivity

Powershell:- Import-CSV And Array Subexpression

Background Experienced a little error using Import-CSV. Error PropertyNotFoundException Error Image Error Text   Datafiles Datafile - Number of Lines - 01   Datafile - Number of Lines - 02   Code Original   Revision   Use Scenario Original Code File - Number of Lines - 2 Invoke Output Output - Image Output - Text … Continue reading Powershell:- Import-CSV And Array Subexpression

Powershell – Conditional Statements across multiple lines

Background Will like to provide working examples of how Powershell supports conditional statements; especially the ones that span multiple lines.   Outline Use back tickΒ ( ` ) to indicate their is more Suffix the preceding line with the expression Condition expression -or -and   Code Source Code Control GitLab Powershell - Conditional Statements Link

BleachBit:- Cisco Secure Endpoint – Alert – 2023 – January – Day 01

Background Downloaded BleachBit. Upon successful download, the file was immediately deleted.   Lineage Here are previous posts on BleachBit. BleachBit:- Usage – 2023 – January – Day 01 Link   TroubleShooting Which aplication is removing the downloaded BleachBit file? Cisco Secure Endpoint Detections W32.3CC1FB7EDF-70.SBX.VIOC Textual Detection:- W32.3CC1FB7EDF-70.SBX.VIOC Fingerprint ( SHA-256):- 3cc File Name:- 4f....tmp File … Continue reading BleachBit:- Cisco Secure Endpoint – Alert – 2023 – January – Day 01