Powershell:- Repeat Character

Background A few weeks ago, I was in a jam. I wanted to draw a line on my console to separate out two sections of output. It seems terrible inefficient to use Write-Output("----------------------------------------"). I preferred something like Write-Output(repeatChars('-', 80)). Code Here is stolen code that I have to come back and properly attribute ( give … Continue reading Powershell:- Repeat Character

.Net :- String.Join returns “System.String[]”

Background Hit a curb yesterday and wanted to share about it today. I have a collection and attempted to display its contents.   Code Original Output Image   Revision Output Image Sharing Restester.com Links Visual Basic Online Compiler Link Vb.Net - Displaying Collection Contents Link Git Gist CollectionDisplayContents Link Dedicate Dedicating to:- string.Join(string, string[]) returns … Continue reading .Net :- String.Join returns “System.String[]”