Microsoft:- Outlook – App & Services

Background Having my routine bout with insomnia took to seeing whether I can get by with doing something useful on the computer.   Microsoft Power Automate Evaluate Tried automating tasks with Microsoft's Power Automate. Let me tell you about it. Browser based development, at least, in this case, is still in its very infancy. Email … Continue reading Microsoft:- Outlook – App & Services

Hotmail and Emojis – Day 02 ( Personal Feedback )

  Lineage A quick follow-up to my earlier struggle with Hotmail and Emojis. Here is the initial post :- Hotmail and Emojis - Day 01 Link   Personal Feedback There are multiple layers of breakdown here:- Product Management It is very difficult to see how this feature became a default use case. Development Most developers … Continue reading Hotmail and Emojis – Day 02 ( Personal Feedback ) / AddIns / Boomerang

Background Playing around with using Google Docs from iPhone this afternoon.  I really did not want to have to enter Credit Card Information to use the suggested Apps. In the middle of that or other things, I found that a new icon is now part of the my Hotmail interface.   Boomerang, The Movie Yes, … Continue reading / AddIns / Boomerang