Hotmail and Emojis – Day 02 ( Personal Feedback )

  Lineage A quick follow-up to my earlier struggle with Hotmail and Emojis. Here is the initial post :- Hotmail and Emojis - Day 01 Link   Personal Feedback There are multiple layers of breakdown here:- Product Management It is very difficult to see how this feature became a default use case. Development Most developers … Continue reading Hotmail and Emojis – Day 02 ( Personal Feedback ) / AddIns / Boomerang

Background Playing around with using Google Docs from iPhone this afternoon.  I really did not want to have to enter Credit Card Information to use the suggested Apps. In the middle of that or other things, I found that a new icon is now part of the my Hotmail interface.   Boomerang, The Movie Yes, … Continue reading / AddIns / Boomerang