.Net – ASPX – Avoid Parser Error when commenting out code

Background While trying out different code snippets as I worked on tweaking an ASPX app, I ran into a parser error. BTW, the enhancement is detailed here. Let us quickly go over the parser error.   Parser Error   Code   Parser Error Image Textual Correct Here is the change. Basically, it is to replace … Continue reading .Net – ASPX – Avoid Parser Error when commenting out code

ASP.Net – DataGrid – Adding Hyperlink Column

  Background There is a dated Black-book web site that I wrote to keep up with people and appointments years ago. Here is what the Appointments page looks like: List Appointments Edit Appointment   Enhancement Lately, I have found more and more the need to isolate the corresponding web link into its own entry field … Continue reading ASP.Net – DataGrid – Adding Hyperlink Column

ASP.Net – DataGrid – Sorting

Background Yearns ago I developed an electronic's black-book. It is very basic and rudimentary.  It allows me to jot down names and contact details. Here is what the screen looks like: A couple of days ago, I wanted to find someone I met a few months ago. Unfortunately, I could not remember the person's name, … Continue reading ASP.Net – DataGrid – Sorting