AWS/EC2 – Instance – Metadata

Background Continuing with our study on AWS/EC2. Let us quickly cover how we go about querying the EC2 instance for rudimentary system information. Environment On the instance itself, please send a payload against Link-local address; specifically  The full URL is Tool We are on MS Windows and we have browsers loaded and we … Continue reading AWS/EC2 – Instance – Metadata

ElasticSearch – Type – Mapping

Background It is very easy to create new types, tables in traditional tables, and corresponding columns in ElasticSearch. ElasticSearch If we do not create mappings before hand, ElasticSearch will create the type, columns and column types for us. Schema-Less The ElasticSearch exercises we have tackled thus far relies on the ability of ElasticSeach to create … Continue reading ElasticSearch – Type – Mapping

ElasticSearch – cURL – Batch Operations – Day 1

Background In earlier posts we exclusively used Postman to perform Data Entry against Elastic Search. Batch Preface In this post we will discuss using cURL, a command line client tool. What is cURL? Wikipedia Link cURL is a computer software project providing a library and command-line tool for transferring data using various protocols. The cURL … Continue reading ElasticSearch – cURL – Batch Operations – Day 1