Linux:- Environment Variables – Basic

Background At a basic level, environment variables allow for system customization.   Set Environment Variables Export To set an environment variable, please use the export command Syntax Sample Read Environment Variables Export One can also use the same export command to read environment variables. Syntax Sample Scenario:- Read All Environment Variables Code Output Image Scenario:- … Continue reading Linux:- Environment Variables – Basic

CentOS:- “dnf -y config-manager –set-enabled PowerTools” – “Error: No matching repo to modify: PowerTools.”

Background Playing around with installing applications on our Linux box running CentOS. It is a recently rebuilt Linux box and it is running CentOS version 8. Ran into a little error in the middle of the consequent application installs. We will talk about the error in this post.   Error Error Image Error Text Scenario … Continue reading CentOS:- “dnf -y config-manager –set-enabled PowerTools” – “Error: No matching repo to modify: PowerTools.”

Powershell Core – Update – Linux – CentOS

Background Recent disclosure from Microsoft shares news of Powershell Core security vulnerabilities. Let us quickly review whether we need to apply the patch to our Linux/CentOS box.   Scope Please keep in mind that the vulnerability does not affect Windows Powershell, but Powershell Core. Windows PowerShell runs only on MS Windows. Powershell Core is multi-OS. … Continue reading Powershell Core – Update – Linux – CentOS

WMI – Client – PowerShell & Linux

Background Will like to provide a sample working code for invoking wmic from a Linux box. Our scripting code will be Powershell.   Code Outline Command Line Arguments Targeted hostname using -hostname <target> wmic authentication file using -fileAuthentication <filename> Invoke-Expression Invoke Script using Invoke-Expression Capture Output Parse Captured Output using Operating System ( OS ) … Continue reading WMI – Client – PowerShell & Linux

WMI – Client – Usage on Linux/CentOS – Using An Authentication File

Background Still on WMIC on Linux, let us transition away from providing the user credentials on the command line. We will provide the credentials in a file, secure the file, and specify the file when we invoke the wmic utility.   Outline Active Directory Provision Account Target Computer Computer Management Grant Account permission to Targeted … Continue reading WMI – Client – Usage on Linux/CentOS – Using An Authentication File

WMI – Client – Usage on Linux/CentOS

Background Let us quickly try out some of the options for using wmic application on a Linux host.   Usage Outline Options Review Options Text   Options Here are some of the options:- Option Short Name Option Long Name Meaning Explanation Sample -d --debuglevel Debug Level Set Debug Level 1 2 3 -s --configfile Configuration … Continue reading WMI – Client – Usage on Linux/CentOS

WMI – Client – Installation on Linux/CentOS

Background Recently I was playing around with WMI on an MS Windows machine. I wanted to try the same sample queries from a Linux machine.   Installation Outline RPM Identify RPM Source Download RPM Install RPM Validate wmic RPM Identify RPM Source Here are some sources that avail WMI Clients for Linux:- Organization CentOS Version … Continue reading WMI – Client – Installation on Linux/CentOS

Linux – File Names with special characters

Background Here I am trying to add a file to git It is a simple git add command.   Script Original   Error Warning - Could not open directory - No such file or directory Error - Image Error - Text   Revision Outline Please escape the special characters git add "$_folder/oracle/v$instance/v$" git add "$_folder/oracle/v\$instance/v\$" … Continue reading Linux – File Names with special characters

Git – Client – Commands

Background Let us review some of the GIT commands one will use each day. List of Command   Command Description Syntax Link File Operation Add Add a new file git add <filename> Link Remove Remove an existing file git rm <filename> Link Rename or Move Rename or move an existing file git mv <filename> <folder> … Continue reading Git – Client – Commands

Git – Client Tools – Install on Linux ( Cent-OS )

Background I need Git on the Cent-OS that I am working on. I am on v8 of CentOS. Outline Is Git Installed? Install Git Review Git Install Configure Git Tasks Is Git Installed? which syntax sample output Output Image Output Text Explanation We have confirmation that git is not installed.   Install Git dnf dnf … Continue reading Git – Client Tools – Install on Linux ( Cent-OS )