Linux – File Names with special characters

Background Here I am trying to add a file to git It is a simple git add command.   Script Original   Error Warning - Could not open directory - No such file or directory Error - Image Error - Text   Revision Outline Please escape the special characters git add "$_folder/oracle/v$instance/v$" git add "$_folder/oracle/v\$instance/v\$" … Continue reading Linux – File Names with special characters

Git – Client – Commands

Background Let us review some of the GIT commands one will use each day. List of Command   Command Description Syntax Link File Operation Add Add a new file git add <filename> Link Remove Remove an existing file git rm <filename> Link Rename or Move Rename or move an existing file git mv <filename> <folder> … Continue reading Git – Client – Commands

Linux – Send Email using mail

Background Playing around with Linux and exploring sending emails. Tool mail. Option Option Explanation Sample -a Attachment diskfree.txt -b Bcc -c Cc -r From Sally in Accounting -s Subject Disk Free Recipient Address Sample Sample #1 Outline Run command Command:- df ( diskfree ) Capture command into a text file ( diskfree.txt … Continue reading Linux – Send Email using mail

Bash – Running Script

Background Let us review the choices we have for running our bash scripts.   Outline filename ( ) full file name ( <folder>\<filename>) Tasks Filename ( ) Syntax Sample Output Output - Image Output - Text Explanation Error reads:- "Command not found" Full Filename ( ) Syntax Sample Output Output - Image … Continue reading Bash – Running Script

Git – Client Tools – Install on Linux ( Cent-OS )

Background I need Git on the Cent-OS that I am working on. I am on v8 of CentOS. Outline Is Git Installed? Install Git Review Git Install Configure Git Tasks Is Git Installed? which syntax sample output Output Image Output Text Explanation We have confirmation that git is not installed.   Install Git dnf dnf … Continue reading Git – Client Tools – Install on Linux ( Cent-OS )

vi – Error – “E45: ‘readonly’ option is set ( add ! to override)”

Background Trying to save a file in vi, but "No Go". Error Number Error Image Error Text E45: 'readonly' option is set (add ! to override) Troubleshooting Outline File Info ls File Info ls Syntax Sample Output Output - Image Output - Text Explanation From issuing ls, we can see that our file's owner is … Continue reading vi – Error – “E45: ‘readonly’ option is set ( add ! to override)”

Bash – Simulation Environment – Online

Background Ever so often I am not close enough to my working Linux Hosts and the Lab Network is iffy. At those times trying to work on my own Linux Hosts is annoying. Online Bash Simulation Go figure, but at those times I am a bit more successful trying out little modules via Online Simulation … Continue reading Bash – Simulation Environment – Online

ClamAV – Installation on CentOS – v8

Background Need an AntiVirus on my CentOS box. AntiVirus ClamAV is free and works on CentOS. Outline Package Verify ClamAV yum yum list installed dnf dnf list installed Install Identify Artifacts Install Artifacts Review Review Packages Configure ClamAV Configure SELinux Configure Services List of Services clamd@.service freshclam.service Configure Service Start Service Review Service Status Tasks … Continue reading ClamAV – Installation on CentOS – v8

Bash – Reading File

Background Now that we are able to run Bash on a Windows machine, it is even more reason to be aware of it.   Read a File Tradition Reading a file usually follows the following sequence:- Open File for reading Read line If EOF exit Process Read Line Read Next Return to EOF check   … Continue reading Bash – Reading File

GoLang – Availing on Linux

Background Let us avail the go runtime on our system.   Lineage OS Microsoft - MS Windows Link   Linux Though my primary OS is MS Windows, I play around a bit with Linux, as well. Options There are a couple of options for availing go on a Linux system. The options include:- rpm Repositories … Continue reading GoLang – Availing on Linux