Windows:- WSL – Accessing Network Shares

Background Let us go over how to access Microsoft Network Shares from within WSL ( Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux ). Glossary What is /mnt? Control-Escape.Com I like the definition availed via Control-Escape.Com. And, so let us use that definition. Guide to Linux for Beginners - ADDING FILE SYSTEMS TO THE TREE Link To gain … Continue reading Windows:- WSL – Accessing Network Shares

Linux – File System – Listing File Systems

Background What is the File System on our disks? Outline Commands df ( Disk Free ) lsblk ( List Information on the block devices ) lshw ( List Hardware ) file ( File Command ) mount ( List Mount Points ) blkid ( List Information on Available Block Devices ) System Configuration File /etc/fstab Commands … Continue reading Linux – File System – Listing File Systems