Eclipse – Change IDE’s JRE Version

Background Really fumbling a lot here. Trying to get the Hibernate Plugin to play well with Eclipse is becoming my fool's errand. Wifey I did not know she had texted.  But, now I know as she is calling. I could not reach for the phone in time. But the text read, "When are you getting … Continue reading Eclipse – Change IDE’s JRE Version

Eclipse – Changing Targeted JRE

Background Playing around with Hibernate in Eclipse. Discovered that the platforms supported are 1.8 and 11. Wanted to switch between the two. Hibernate Compatibility Matrix BTW, Hibernate's Compatibility Matrix is available here :-   How to do so Outline Load Project Accessed the menu option Project/Property In the Property window, accessed the "Java Build Path" … Continue reading Eclipse – Changing Targeted JRE

Eclipse/Hibernate – Installation – Day/01

  Outline Download & Install Eclipse JDBC Driver Microsoft JDBC Driver Download Microsoft JDBC Driver Configure Database Microsoft SQL Server Provision Database WideWorldImporters ( Sample Database ) Restore Database Provision Principal Create SQL Server Principal Grant Principal access to database Grant principal access to database objects Configure Eclipse Install Components JBoss Tools Hibernate Tasks Download … Continue reading Eclipse/Hibernate – Installation – Day/01

Eclipse – Data Source Explorer – SQL Server – Configuration ( Day 01 )

Background Ran into a blocking issue while playing around with Eclipse. The issue surfaced while trying to configure Hibernate to connect to SQL Server.   Data Source Explorer I tried using the Hibernate Data Tools to connect to my back-end database; SQL Server in this case. Finally gave up and wanted to see if I … Continue reading Eclipse – Data Source Explorer – SQL Server – Configuration ( Day 01 )

hello World – Java Using Eclipse

Background Let us use Eclipse IDE to develop a simple Hello World application. Eclipse IDE Launch Please launch Eclipse. Develop Outline Here are the steps that we will take. Create new project Select Wizard Java Project Project Enter your project name Location Un-check "Use Default Location" Please enter or select folder where project's files will … Continue reading hello World – Java Using Eclipse

Eclipse IDE – Installation On MS Windows

Background I have a need to review some of our applications configuration and interaction with our back end database. In this case we will use Eclipse as a client development tool; and use MS SQL Server as our back-end database engine. Eclipse IDE Artifacts Installer Eclipse Installer are available here :- Image Timeline As of … Continue reading Eclipse IDE – Installation On MS Windows

R – Error: package or namespace load failed for “rJava”

Background Users opens up a ticket regarding issues running an R Script on a new machine. Error Message Image Textual Explanation Unable to load rJava module. Troubleshooting java Is java Installed? Outline OS Platform OS :- Windows GUI Control Panel Console java.exe OS Platform MS Windows GUI - Control Panel Accessed Control Panel, but no … Continue reading R – Error: package or namespace load failed for “rJava”