Java/JDBC – SQL Server – “Integrated Security”

Background Wanted to go over the steps to take when one needs to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server Instance using Integrated Security. Outline Java JDBC JDBC Connecting String Class Path Includes SQL Server JDBC Driver  System System Path Add [jdbc-sql]\enu\auth\[platform]\ Tasks Java JDBC JDBC Connecting String Outline JDBC URL IntegratedSecurity=True authenticationScheme=NativeAuthentication Syntax Sample java … Continue reading Java/JDBC – SQL Server – “Integrated Security”

R – Error: package or namespace load failed for “rJava”

Background Users opens up a ticket regarding issues running an R Script on a new machine. Error Message Image Textual Explanation Unable to load rJava module. Troubleshooting java Is java Installed? Outline OS Platform OS :- Windows GUI Control Panel Console java.exe OS Platform MS Windows GUI - Control Panel Accessed Control Panel, but no … Continue reading R – Error: package or namespace load failed for “rJava”

ElasticSearch (v6) – Installation ( on Windows )

Background Trying to review ElasticSearch. Our choices is to search the Net for Web Hosting Services that avail it or "Install it locally". Installation Material Choices There are a couple of options for installing ElasticSearch on MS Windows. ElasticSearch is packaged via zip and MSI. If you will like to install to run it as … Continue reading ElasticSearch (v6) – Installation ( on Windows )