YouTube – “Recommended Recent Uploads” – Opting Out


Getting distracted by YouTube lately.

Once every few days I get a notification informing me of a recently uploaded video that might interest me.


Opting Out

  1. Follow the notification or visit and login and access your channel
  2. Click on the notifications icon 
  3. Scroll through the list of Notifications and choose any notification under the banner  “Recommended Recent Upload“.  On the right side of a notification, you will be presented with an array of three vertical dots.
  4. Click on the three vertical dots and you will be offered two options
    • Hide this notification
    • Turn off all recommendation notifications
  5. Please choose “Turn off all recommendation notifications



Crediting SmittenedKittened




Hey Denny, I ended up figuring it out.

When you open your notifications and see the “recommended recent upload” video, if you hover over it, the three dots thingy should be on the right-hand side of the video. Click on the dots, click on “turn off recommended recent uploads” or whatever it says, et voila!!


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