Devin Haney vs George Kambosos:- 2022 – June

Tangent Like my small town favorite, J. Cole, I am back out on a tangent this morning. 21 Savage - a lot Link I'm on a tangent, not how I planned it On one hand, Cole could be saying he’s getting away from the “trap” vibe of the song to rap about more pressing issues. … Continue reading Devin Haney vs George Kambosos:- 2022 – June

Efe Ajagba, A Boxer

Background Today, December 26th is ceremoniously known as Boxing Day.   What is Boxing Day Wikipedia Link In Britain, it was a custom for tradesmen to collect "Christmas boxes" of money or presents on the first weekday after Christmas as thanks for good service throughout the year. This custom is linked to an older British … Continue reading Efe Ajagba, A Boxer