Election:- 2020 – Reflections within Christianity – 2020/December

Background Post Election 2020, some church leaders are sitting down, hearing each other out, and asking what happened? Videos Pat Robertson The 700 Club - December 10, 2020 Profile A woman escapes “the game” of human trafficking after 17 years. See what she’s doing today to help rescue other enslaved girls. Plus, discover how can … Continue reading Election:- 2020 – Reflections within Christianity – 2020/December

Election 2020:- Prophetic & Predictive Voices

Background Somehow one will think that the ante could not be any higher per the upcoming election. Prophetic Voices But, then here comes the prophetic voices.   Videos Pat Robertson Pat Robertson Prophecy: Here's Who Will Win Election, Then End Times Prophecies Will Unfold Profile Today, Oct. 20, 2020 on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson … Continue reading Election 2020:- Prophetic & Predictive Voices