Jamea Harris:- Laying Down

Background The way young people are laying down these days, fuck a _ up.   Eye Witness Account The Eye Witness Account reads:- Darius Miles was a student athlete at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Currently, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama is ranked #4 in the men's basketball season. Jamea Jonae Harris … Continue reading Jamea Harris:- Laying Down

Kennedy Maxie, Laying Down

Background In December 2020, the Maxie family went last minutes Christmas shopping in the Lennox Mall area of Atlanta. They barely finished gifts shopping and were on their way to fetch dinner. Sitting at the back left site of a moving vehicle, 7 years old Kennedy Maxie was hit by a stray bullet.   Portrait … Continue reading Kennedy Maxie, Laying Down

Chaka Zulu ( Ahmed Obafemi ):- Faces Murder Charges

Background Chaka Zulu, Ahmed Obafemi, was involved in an incident on June 26th, of 2022. Unfortunately, Artez Benton lost his life in the altercation. The incident occurred in the Buck Head Area of Atlanta, Georgia. Specifically at a restaurant owned by Chaka Zulu. The name of the restaurant is Apt 4B. Portrait Chaka Zulu ( … Continue reading Chaka Zulu ( Ahmed Obafemi ):- Faces Murder Charges

Atlanta Midtown Shooting:- Monday 2022-August-22nd ( Raissa Kengne )

Background Raissa Kengne is a suspect in the shooting of three people in Midtown Atlanta on Monday August 22nd, 2022. Portrait Raissa Kengne Videos Arrest 11 Alive Suspect accused in deadly Midtown shooting tracked down at Atlanta airport Profile There's still a lot of activity right now at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Police emphasized that no one … Continue reading Atlanta Midtown Shooting:- Monday 2022-August-22nd ( Raissa Kengne )

Eligio Bishop:- Carbon Nation

Portrait Jail Booking Picture Eligio Bishop with female members of Carbon Nation   Videos 2017 - March CBC NL - Newfoundland and Labrador Corner Brook woman in Costa Rican cult Profile Kayla Reid left home and traveled to Costa Rica to join the "Natureboy" cult. She has rejected her family and says she's not coming … Continue reading Eligio Bishop:- Carbon Nation

Heaven Bound:- Kyra Scott

Portraits Shades & Smiles ROTC   Videos 14-year-old shot, killed in Douglasville, family mourns Profile Kyra Scott was brought to a gas station by her family, panicking while they looked for help after she was shot. Videos South Carolina charged with shooting, killing 6-year-old son on Thanksgiving Day Channel:- 11 Alive Published On:- 2021-November-30th Added … Continue reading Heaven Bound:- Kyra Scott