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      • How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day | Tristan Harris
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        • A handful of people working at a handful of tech companies steer the thoughts of billions of people every day, says design thinker Tristan Harris. From Facebook notifications to Snapstreaks to YouTube autoplays, they’re all competing for one thing: your attention. Harris shares how these companies prey on our psychology for their own profit and calls for a design renaissance in which our tech instead encourages us to live out the timeline we want.
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          Channel :- TED
          Published :- 2017-July-28th
    • The Ethics and Tricks of Technology (Tristan Harris Pt. 1)
      Tristan Harris (Ex-Design Ethicist at Google) joins Dave Rubin to discuss how technology really affects our lives, why design needs ethics, how apps like Snapchat and Twitter are addicting because of their use of ethical and unethical tricks, and much more
      Published On :- 2017-May-22nd
    • Bill Maher & Tristan Harris – The Attention Economy
      Tristan and Bill talk about the race to the bottom for attention, and why we desperately need ethical persuasion in technology
      Published On :- 2017-June-6th




How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day

  1. Agree that we are persuadable
  2. Accountable
    • Goals with the persuaded are inline with those that are persuaded
  3. Closing
    • Human Architecture is limited and we have certain boundaries or dimensions in our lives that we want to be honored and respected
    • Naive Nature of Human Preference
    • Nuanced view of human design
    • Our biggest competitor
  4. Persaudability
    • Studied at Persuasive Lab @ Stanford
  5. Tech People
    • No shortage of good intent
    • Classic race for the bottom
    • Lower into emotion


Bill Maher & Tristan Harris – The Attention Economy

  1. Attention Economy
    • We need you to use it
    • There is only so much
    • When information gets abundant, the only thing left is time
    • They don’t read anymore
    • I have to go lower on the brain stem
    • I have to confirm your biases
    • We are not their customers; the advertisers are their customers
    • They all need more attention
  2. Myth
    • There is a myth that technology is neutral




Brett Archibald, Miracle At Sea



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  1. Everyone had given up on him, but not his wife and not this man named Doris
  2. It is impossible that I survive what I went through
  3. Anita
    • A son, husband, a brother.  He is an amazing man.
  4. Anita
    • Anita received an early morning visit
    • We have the boat, we just don’t have your husband
    • The bottom of my world dropped out
  5. Brett
    • Last 12 to 14 hours, before my mate come back for me
  6. Tony Eltherington
    • Doris
    • A life lived in and on the sea thought him one lesson
      • Never leave anyone behind
    • It is not the Australia way to give up
    • If it was one of us out there..
    • Let us give it a go
  7. Brett
    • Figure this thing out
  8. Brett / Sanity
    • Everyone of my mate will come down, reach out to me
    • And, I will reach my hand out to them
  9. Tony
    • It is way to early to give up on anyone
  10. Search and Recovery or Search and Rescue
    • We might just be looking for a body
  11. Drown
    • 28 hours in the water
    • gave up and tried to drown
    • Drowning will be beautiful
  12.  Anita
    • It is a miracle that they found him
    • It is a radical, radical story
    • That he is here is divine intervention
    • I made a alter
    • Three white candles burning
  13. Tony
    • There was no way I was going to give up
  14.  Anita
    • I am the luckiest girl alive
    • What do you say to someone who has giving you everything you want
    • I only want my husband, my daughter, and my son
    • How can I ever say Thank you
    • I need to give
      • I need to give the man who found my husband a hug
  15. Tony
    • I have only had 10 years with this beautiful woman
    • My two little kids, they are too young to be without their father



Dedicated to the Aussie Team of Tony Eltherington, Simon Cowell, Geoff Fiddler, and Colin Shannon.

60 Minutes Australia


  1. 60 Minutes Australia :- Katie’s Revenge
    • Profile
      • Chances are you will find this story incredibly hard to believe. It’s confronting and confounding, but it really happened. Raised in middle-class Sydney, Katie Lang’s future was almost assured – exciting and prosperous. But her big mistake was to fall in love with the wrong man. Katie thought Damion Baston wanted to be her boyfriend. What he really wanted was to be her pimp. He used violence to control her, turning her into a sex slave and trafficking her around the world. But what this monster didn’t anticipate was Katie’s strength, and when she was finally able to escape his abuse, she set about plotting her revenge.
    •  Videos
  2. 60 Minutes Australia: Death in a Cafe
    • Profile
      • A young woman walks into a busy upmarket café in Jakarta to have a coffee with her friends. According to police, what happens next is truly shocking. A deliberate poisoning, all caught on CCTV cameras. Australian resident Jessica Wongso is now on trial for murdering her friend, Mirna
    • Videos
      • Parts
      • Cyanide coffee murder, Australian resident Jessica Wongso jailed for 20 years
    • Stories
      • Wikipedia
        • Murder of Wayan Mirna Salihin
    • Participants
      • Mirna Salihin
        • Sandy Salihin ( Twin Sister )
        • Jessica Wongso
          • Ms. Carter ( Jessica Wongso’s former manager )
  3. 60 Minutes Australia: The girl with the blue eyes (2017)
    • Profile
      • Raudha Athif was a stunning cover model known all over the world as “The girl with the blue eyes”. But what few people knew was that she was much more committed to a career in medicine than photoshoots. At 21, Raudha was attending university in Bangladesh and had plans to join her family in Australia to finish her studies and become a doctor. But in March this year she was found dead in her college dorm room. Police claimed it was suicide, but in a 60 MINUTES special investigation Peter Stefanovic discovers substantial evidence that points to murder. The question for her grief-stricken family is why?
    • Videos
  4. Baker’s Delight
    • Profile
      • Simon Baker is one of Australia’s most successful and in-demand international actors, with his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Now, in a revealing interview with Allison Langdon, Baker reveals why he decided to come home and add “director” to his resumé.
    •  Video
    •  Participants
      • Simon Baker
  5. Lion Man ( 2014 )
    • Profile
      • Kevin Richardson’s bond with Africa’s dominant predator is as astonishing as it is touching. He’s devoted his life to understanding and protecting the mighty Lion which is battling human encroachment and shrinking habitat. Along the way, he cuddles them, tickles them, even sticks his head in their jaws!
    •  Videos
    • Participants
      • Lawrence Frank ( Biologist )
  6. For my daughter
    • Profile
      • Antonietta Di Maggio made the ultimate promise to her daughter – the gift of motherhood. Claudia was unable to have children, so the age of 53, Antonietta carried and gave birth to Claudia’s child: her own grandson.
    • Videos
    • Persons
      • Antonietta Di Maggio
      • Claudia ( Daughter )
      • Joe ( Antoinetta’s Husband )
      • Sonny ( Claudia’s husband )
  7. Desperate Measures
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- 60 Minutes Australia
        Published On :- 2018-April-10th
    • Participants
      • George
      • George
  8. 60 Minutes Australia: Seventh Heaven 2013
    • How does Philip Sharp manage it? He’s got seven wives. They’ve borne him 18 children. Life in the Sharp household is busy, to say the least. Philip is polygamous and proud of it. In fact, the British Rabbi even claims that by reviving the long outlawed practice of taking several wives, he’s merely doing God’s work. And he’d take 100 wives if it would help build God’s kingdom. It raises all sorts of uncomfortable questions for the wives, not to mention the chaos of raising all those kids, but what Peter Overton discovered was a harmonious household most families would envy.
    •  Videos
    • Participants
      • Philip Sharp ( Messianic Jew )
  9. MH370: Special Investigation | 60 Minutes
    • Profile
      • It’s more than four years since MH370 disappeared off the face of the earth, and still we have no answers for the missing 239 passengers and crew who are presumed dead. Frustration at the lack of clues has led to significant reassessment, and as Ross Coulthart discovers, there’s now growing evidence that authorities have been ignoring more credible theories about what might have brought the jet down.
    • Videos
      • MH370: Special Investigation – Part one | 60 Minutes
      • MH370: Special Investigation – Part two | 60 Minutes
  10. 60 Minutes Australia: Samantha Knight – Never forgotten (2017)
    • Profile
      • If she was still alive, Samantha Knight would have turned 40 a few days ago. Instead she will always be remembered as the bright and beautiful nine-year-old girl from Bondi who one day in August 1986 simply vanished. Her disappearance led to one of the largest police investigations and searches in New South Wales history but her body has still not been found. In 2001, the notorious paedophile Michael Guider was charged with Samantha’s murder, and six months later pleaded guilty to manslaughter, claiming he hadn’t meant to kill the little girl. Guider showed no remorse over the crime, but plenty of callousness – he said he simply couldn’t remember what he did with her body. Michael Guider is now 66 years old and, having spent the last 21 years in prison, convicted of more than 75 sexual offences against more than a dozen children, is about to become eligible for parole. In a 60 MINUTES exclusive, Ross Coulthart tracks down the key witness in the investigation: the man Guider confessed his crimes to. As well, and for the first time, another of Guider’s child victims speaks publicly about how he destroyed her life. Coulthart’s interviews provide a chilling insight into the mind of an evil pedophile, and powerful testimony to keep Michael Guider locked up.
    • Videos
      • Samantha Knight – Never forgotten | Part one
      • Samantha Knight – Never forgotten | Part two
  11. 60 Minutes Australia: Escape From Salt Creek (2017)
    • Profile
      • Until February last year few people had ever heard of Salt Creek, a rugged and spectacular piece of coastline 200 kilometres south-east of Adelaide. But then a monster named Roman Heinze lured two 23-year-old overseas backpackers to the isolated beach. To satisfy his wicked fantasies, Heinze kidnapped the unsuspecting women and subjected them to unthinkable terror. The trauma went on for hours, but against the odds, Lena from Germany and her friend from Brazil survived. What happened at Salt Creek has eerie similarities to the Australian horror movie Wolf Creek, only it’s all too real. On 60 MINUTES, Lena and her friend tell Tara Brown their incredible story of escape from Salt Creek, their desperate battle to save themselves and each other, and how they proved courage can conquer evil.
    •  Videos
    • Dates:
      • Published On :- 2018-Oct-8th
  12. 60 Minutes Australia :- Don’t Tell
    • Profile
      • As a 12 year old Lyndal was sexually abused while she was a boarder at Toowoomba Prep; one of the Anglican Church’s elite private schools in Queensland. Her attacker always told her, ‘Don’t tell, no one will believe you,’ and as it turned out, he was right. The abuse went on for eight harrowing months before the predator’s evil was discovered. But that wasn’t the end of Lyndal’s suffering. Her attempts to get the help she desperately needed were ignored by the school and the church. Even approaches to the then Archbishop, Peter Hollingworth, led nowhere. He went on to become Australia’s Governor General, while Lyndal’s life spiralled out of control. After years of misery, one day she decided she’d had enough and what she did next saw the beginning of the end for the Governor-General. Lyndal’s inspirational battle has now been turned into a movie called Don’t Tell, but she’s never spoken publicly about her ordeal. Until now.
    • Videos
  13. Jacinda Ardern
    • Profile
      • Politicians in Australia need to take note. It is possible to be liked. For proof they only need to look at New Zealand’s new prime minister, 37-year-old Jacinda Ardern. Four months after taking the top job, her approval ratings are soaring, with 70 per cent of the country believing she’s doing well. And now she’s taking nation building to the next level by combining politics with pregnancy. When she gives birth in June, she’ll be the first elected female leader in the western world to have a child in office. But becoming a mum isn’t expected to slow Ms Ardern down – she says she’ll be back running the country within weeks. As Charles Wooley finds out, Prime Minister Adern’s no-fuss, can-do attitude is an enormous hit with Kiwi voters.
    •  Videos
      • YouTube
  14. Brett Archibald, Miracles At Sea
    • Profile
    •  Videos
    • Persons
      • Brett Archibald
      • Tony Eltherington
      • Simon Carlin
    • Quotes
      • Divine Intervention
      • Luckiest girl alive
      • “I remember saying, ‘God, Jamie needs a dad. You’ve got to help me through this. You have to keep me going. I have to fight for my family’,” he says.“Every morning I thank God that I’m here. I thank God that Doris found me and thanks to those Aussie guys for never giving up. And when you start every day like that, it’s an easier road.”
  15. Frank Wark, Face of Evil
    • Profile
      • For years Frank Wark was free to commit atrocious attacks on women, including rape and murder. As 60 Minutes reveals, this violent predator, now aged 61, was able to continue his nefarious ways due to some of the sloppiest police work you will ever see.
    •  Videos
    • Persons
      • Frank Wark
      • Andrea
      • Haley
      • Lisa Fredickson
    • Dates
      • July 1999
  16. 60 Minutes Australia: Right or wrong (2017)
    • Profile
      • Are we becoming too clever for our own good? Medical science has developed a simple blood test which can tell prospective mothers early in their pregnancies if their babies will have Down Syndrome. The test is 99 per cent accurate and doctors are lobbying to make it free for all Australian women who want to take it. However, nine out of ten mums who receive a positive result are already choosing to terminate their pregnancies. It’s a statistic that horrifies many because, if it continues, it may eliminate a beautiful and special part of our community.
    • Videos
      • YouTube
        • 60 Minutes Australia: Right or wrong (2017)
  17. 60 Minutes Australia: Belinda Van Krevel
    • Profile
      • Belinda van Krevil’s life reads like a rap sheet of horror. She’s been dubbed “Belinda Van Evil”, and for good reason. She ordered the execution of her father, and nearly stabbed to death the man she loved. She did it all in the name of her brother, Mark van Krevil – a serial killer who’s locked up for life. Just a few weeks ago Belinda was released from prison for the second time, surely her last chance at freedom. On 60 Minutes she tells Allison Langdon that the community shouldn’t feel scared that she is back walking amongst us. But what happens when Belinda realises the ultimate betrayal? Will she be able to keep it together?
    • Videos
      • YouTube
        • 60 Minutes Australia: Belinda Van Krevel (Part one)
        • Part Two
  18. 60 Minutes Australia | Gable Tostee
    • Profile
      • They both wanted uncomplicated, fast sex, and hooking up on the dating app Tinder was the perfect way to do it. But when Gable Tostee met Warriena Wright two years ago their night of passion ended in death. Neighbours heard a drunken argument, physical fighting and then a sickening scream as Warriena fell 14 floors from Tostee’s Gold Coast apartment balcony. That was horrific enough, but Tostee’s unusual behaviour, and his apparent disregard for Warriena in the seconds and minutes after she fell, has led to public condemnation of the then 28-year-old playboy. Instead of calling 000 he tried to call his lawyer. Then he left his apartment and wandered around Surfers Paradise before buying and eating a slice of pizza. For two years Tostee has maintained his silence. He refused to be interviewed by police or take the stand during his sensational trial. Last month a Queensland jury acquitted him of Warriena Wright’s murder after they heard an extraordinary piece of evidence: his own smartphone recording of what happened. Now Gable Tostee wants to speak publicly, and in an extraordinary interview with Liam Bartlett, tries to explain his version of events on that terrible night.
    • Videos
      •  YouTube
        • 60 Minutes Australia | Gable Tostee: The Interview – Part One (2016)
        • Part Two
  19. 60 Minutes Australia | Anxiety
    • Profile
      • It’s perfectly normal to have occasional moments where we feel nervous or worried, even a little fearful sometimes. But what about when those anxious feelings completely overwhelm and consume a person? It can be debilitating and in some cases life-threatening. In Australia today there is an epidemic of anxiety. It’s not understood and it’s not talked about, but this year a staggering two million people will suffer from this crippling condition. However, as Peter Overton discovers in this 60 MINUTES special report, there is hope: ground-breaking new research in Western Australia may hold the key to future treatments, while in Victoria one of man’s best friends is proving a real life-saver.
    • Videos
      •  YouTube
        • 60 Minutes Australia | Age of Anxiety – Part One (2016)
        • Part Two
    • Participants
      • Dr. Patrick Clark
        • School of Physiology
        • Studies the Anxious Brain
      • Rob Atkins
        • Soldier in the Army
        • Police Officer for 22 years
        • Anxiety does not come out in fear, but in Rage
      • Sarah Wilson
        • Profession :- Magazine Editor, Television Presenter, Author
  20. 60 Minutes Australia | Shania Twain, Still the One
    • Profile
      • Whatever happened to Shania Twain? Back in the nineties she was everywhere and her catchy country-pop music seemed to be playing every time we switched on the radio. In fact she was so popular that one of her albums still ranks as the highest seller by any female artist. But after a decade at the top, Twain abruptly and rather mysteriously left the stage. She gave up adulation for isolation and became a recluse. It possibly had something to do with her love life, which was so confused and complicated that it deserved its own country song. But now Shania Twain has returned to the spotlight, and it’s as if she’s never been away.
    • Videos
      • YouTube
    • Dates
      • Date Published :- 2017-Sept-26th
    • Family
      • Sharon & Jerry Twain
      • Robert Lange ( Ex Husband )
      • Frederic Thiebaud ( Husband )
  21. Seeing red (2013) | 60 Minutes Australia [ Sarah Ferguson ]
    • Profile
      • In her first interview in eight years, Sarah Ferguson – the Duchess of York sat down with 60 Minutes and revealed two very different sides to her personality – ‘Sarah’ and ‘Bad Fergie’ (her description, not ours!)
    •  Videos
      • YouTube
    • Books
      • Finding Sarah
    • People
      • Beatrice ( Daughter )
  22. 60 Minutes: Harvey Weinstein – The Inside Story
    • Videos
      • YouTube
        • Video #1
          Published :- 2018-March-18th
  23. 60 Minutes :- Roger Rogerson
    • Episode
      • 60 Minutes Australia: Bad Cop, Good Cop
    • Profile
      • In a special edition of 60 MINUTES, Channel Nine, reveals the sordid truth about former NSW Detective Roger Rogerson. A jury found 75-year-old Rogerson guilty of murdering 20-year-old university student Jamie Gao. The murder conviction is proof of what many people have long suspected about Roger Rogerson – that he is evil beyond belief. It’s an enormous fall from grace for the highly decorated one-time star of the New South Wales police force. In the 1980s Rogerson was viewed as a potential future police commissioner. But it was all a lie. In reality he was a bad cop, as crooked as they come. For the first time, retired good cop, Mick Drury, reveals all to 60 MINUTES about Rogerson’s involvement in the assassination attempt on him in front of his young family. And Drury’s account of his battle to expose Rogerson’s corrupt ways is just the beginning of the real history of the most notorious rat in police ranks. 60 MINUTES also speaks exclusively to Sascha Huckstepp, the daughter of whistleblower Sallie-Anne Huckstepp who was brutally murdered in 1986. Just years before her death, Sallie-Anne famously claimed to 60 MINUTES that Rogerson had murdered her boyfriend, Warren Lanfranchi. For the first time, Sascha talks about her belief about Rogerson’s role in her mother’s killing.
    •  Videos
      • YouTube
    • Persons
      • Mick Drury
      • Warren Lanfranchi
      • Sallie-Anne Huckstepp
      • Sacha Huckstepp

Neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them

Bible Verse

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.
( Matthew 7:6 )




  1. The metaphor seems to be teaching against giving what is holy to those who do not appreciate it. Animals such as dogs and pigs cannot appreciate religion, and this verse implies that there is some class of humans who cannot either. The identity of this class is a difficult question, as one of the dominant ideas in Christian thought is universalism.
  2. One modern argument is that dogs and pigs represent Gentiles and heathens, and that this verse is rare relic demonstrating that Jesus’ original message was intended only for the Jews. Harrington notes that such warnings are found in rabbinic works of the period.  In Jewish literature heathens were often compared to dogs, and the unclean pig was a Jewish symbol for the Roman Empire. In 2 Peter 2:22 dogs and swine quite clearly refers to heretics. According to Schweizer this verse was used by Jewish Christians to attack the Gentile churches, to argue that Gentile Christians would turn on the Jews by rejecting their laws and destroying Israel
  3. The dominant reading is that the two expressions are both referring to the same thing and the same group of people. To Nolland this verse is not an attack on any particular group, but rather a continuation of the theme of God and Mammon begun at Matthew 6:24 and that verse is an attack on wasteful spending. We should put all of our resources to God, as everything is like dogs and pigs compared to Him.  Nolland also proposes that the verse might be to balance the other verses, that non-judgmentalism can only go so far and that there are some who should be excluded.
  4. As Morris points out, this verse can also be read as a reasonable limit on evangelism. If a population or individual is not open to Christianity, leave and find a more receptive audience. As Morris points out Jesus was silent before Herod and Peter abandoned the unsympathetic city of Corinth. Fowler links this to the earlier discussion of judgment. One should not judge severely, but there is a point at which any reasonable person will realize that those they are dealing with are dogs and swine
  5. The alternate interpretation is that dogs and pigs are not metaphors for some group of people, but for the unholy in general. This verse is not about excluding some group from God’s teaching, but rather ensuring that those things that are God’s are kept holy. Thus the Temple is kept clean, religious meals treated with respect, and holy days honoured and kept separate from the turbulence and impiety of daily life.
  6. In Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard offers another interpretation. In it, Jesus is not speaking of a wonderful treasure (the pearl), or whether the audience is fit to have it (the swine). Instead, he is observing that the pearl is not helpful. “Pigs cannot digest pearls, cannot nourish themselves upon them.” He concludes that this reflects “our efforts to correct and control others by pouring out our good things” that our audience is not ready for, and that our seemingly good intentions will ultimately yield anger, resentment and attack by the audience. This turns the analogy into one that exposes one’s self-superiority in thinking the other needs the unbidden advice.
  7. All those points aside, one might usefully read through Matthew 13 when interpreting the phrase. The “pearls” may be like the seed sown by the farmer. If the farmer continues to sow on the rocky places, path or among thorns he may be foolish. The farmer may be wiser to sow in the good soil; or suffer weaker harvests (albeit the crops that do grow among weeds and/or thorns or in other, harder, places may prove more hardy: having survived and then been considered “good enough to keep” by the farmer despite the effects of the weeds and/or thorns). Like the seeds, pearls (of wisdom) placed before swine might simply be swallowed without being digested: repeated without understanding (perhaps as Jesus saw others of his time repeating scripture without understanding it). Matthew 13:44-46 opens this interpretation up a little further. As a more contemporary note, it is worth considering the sowing parables in light of subsequent monastic thought on selective breeding (see Augustinian Friar, Gregor Mendel and peas): the seeds from the crops that survived the weeds, thorns, path or rock may provide stronger, more durable, seed for sowing in all types of situation – albeit there may be differences in taste and quality to consider too.


  1. Calvary Chapel Ontario
    • Pastor Paul LeBoutillier
      • Videos
        • YouTube




Tyler Cowen



America’s ‘Complacent Class’: How Self-Segregation Is Leading To Stagnation

With NPR associate editor Reena Advani

In a new book, The Complacent Class, economist Tyler Cowen argues that the United States is standing still.

People have grown more risk averse and are reluctant to switch jobs or move to another state, he says, and the desire to innovate — to grow and change — has gone away.

In an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin, Cowen says he’s worried that more and more communities are self-segregating — by income, education or race.

“We’re making decisions that are rational and even pleasurable from an individual point of view, but when everyone in society behaves this way — to cement in their own security, their own mobility — social mobility as a whole goes down, inequality goes up, many measures of segregation go up,” he says. “And ultimately a bill for this comes due.”

On how self-segregation leads to complacency

If you live in Arlington, Va., and if you move to Ann Arbor, Mich., or even Santa Monica, Calif., those places are more alike than ever before. But most importantly, segregation by income has gone up in virtually every part of this country. So wealthier people tend to live together more than before and so do poorer people. And this is bad for the country as a whole and we see a version of this in the last election where so many people are shocked by the candidate who actually won.

On what this complacency means

[I]f you cease being challenged and you think your way of life is the only way, ultimately that way will become weak, it will be subject to less improvement, you will enter a kind of bubble and continually be surprised by the challenges the outside world keeps on throwing at you. But you’re not very well-equipped intellectually to handle them.

On the fact that median male wage was higher in 1969 than it is today

It is truly a shocking fact. Now you could argue the measurements are not perfect, that’s true, but that even the numbers can come out that way. So many of the advances in our economy have come from women working more, working harder, getting more educated. That’s great. But when it comes to males, something has very badly gone wrong.

I think we have switched to a service-sector economy — most jobs are now service sector. That’s bad for some percentage of men. Jobs require more and more that you be skilled in information technology. That’s great for the top 1 percent, 10 percent, 15 percent. Not so great for the median or the bottom third for males.

On why he writes in his book: “The biggest story of the last 15 years, both nationally and globally, is the growing likelihood that a cyclical model of history will hold rather than a model of ongoing progress.”

In the 1990s, pretty much everything seemed to be going in the right direction. More countries were democratic, more countries were becoming free. Lately we see China, Russia, Turkey moving back in a much more authoritarian direction, significant parts of the Middle East up in flames. The forward march of progress is not the main story today.

The risk of an unraveling of the basic liberal globalized world order has been going up for some number of years now and only now do we see it with Brexit and the election of Trump. We need to take this risk very seriously.

On why he feels optimistic and not unsettled

I think of the ’80s and ’90s as very calm, smooth optimistic decades. But when you think back to our broader history — the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon trying to undermine the Constitution — those are all terrible, deeply unpleasant events, but we did get through them. And I think viewed in a longer-run perspective, this country will recapture its dynamism. I think innovations that have been restricted to the tech sector will move through most of our economy.

At some point real wages will go up quite a bit more again. My hope is the current political mood is something we’re getting out of our system rather than a permanent change. So ultimately I would bet on optimism, but I think those big bumps in the road, they’re not distant. Right now we’re just at them.

NPR associate editor Reena Advani contributed to this report.


  1. NPR
    • America’s ‘Complacent Class’: How Self-Segregation Is Leading To Stagnation
      • America’s ‘Complacent Class’: How Self-Segregation Is Leading To Stagnation
        Published On :- 2017-March-2nd 5:08 AM ET
  2.  YouTube
    • Ted Talk
      • Be Suspicious of Stories
        • Be suspicious of stories | Tyler Cowen | TEDxMidAtlantic
          Channel :- Tedx Talks
          Published On :- 2009-Nov-8th
    • Politics & Prose
      • Tyler Cowen, “The Complacent Class
        Interviewer :- Derrick Thompson
        Channel :- Politics & Prose
        Published On :- 2017-March-8th


William Welty – “The Long View”


  1. The Long View – Mary Re-examined
    • Videos
      • YouTube
  2. Knowledge of the Holy Is Understanding ( Proverbs 9:10 )
    • Videos
      • YouTube


Knowledge of the Holy Is Understanding

  1. Will
    1. A God that has no need has willed himself to have one
  2. Trusted
    • He chooses to want to be trusted
    • He wants to be trusted


  1. Mary: Ten Test Questions for the World’s Finest Woman
    • Book Store


QA March 2nd Ron Matsen, Chuck Missler, and William Welty
Channel :- Koinonia House
Published On :- 2016-March-1st

Bible Study – “Women, however, will be saved through childbearing” ?


1 Timothy 2:15

Women, however, will be saved through childbearing, if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control.



What does it mean to be saved through childbearing?


  1. Are Women Saved By Childbearing?
    Publisher :- Israeli News Live
    Published On :- 2014-Dec-22nd
  2. Desiring God
    • 1 Timothy 2:15 // How Are Women Saved Through Childbearing?
      Publisher :- Desiring God
      Published On :- 2017-May-20th



Israeli News Live

Are Women Saved By Childbearing?

  1. Book of Thomas
    • The Gnostic Society Library – The Nag Hammadi Library – The Gospel of Thomas
      (18) The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us how our end will be.”
      Jesus said, “Have you discovered, then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning; he will know the end and will not experience death.”
  2. Genesis 1:4
    • When Jesus walked the Sea of Galilee he was showing that he was God manifested
      • Genesis 1:2-4
        And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
      • And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
      • And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
  3. Oneness
    • I am not a oneness at all