Tableau – Public Edition – Installation

Background One of the Database Reporting tool we use at work is Tableau. Wanted to take another look at it. Found out that since the last time I looked at it, they have added a Free Edition; it is called Public. Artifacts The public edition is available for download here. Installation Installation is straight forward. … Continue reading Tableau – Public Edition – Installation

Google Docs – Filters and Filter Views

Background Microsoft Excel has a very nice interface that allows the user to show just the data that needs to be projected for different scenarios. In Microsoft Excel 2010 the functionality is exposed through the “Filter” toolbar.   Google Docs Let us examine whether Google Docs exposes a similar functionality and if so how and … Continue reading Google Docs – Filters and Filter Views

Google Drive – Google Sheets – Pasting Tables

  Background We all take for granted how seamlessly Microsoft Products work together. Take for instance, I use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to run a query and I will like to prepare a document from the query's result. I simply copy the Output Grid's content, launch Microsoft Word or Excel, and pasted it. Through … Continue reading Google Drive – Google Sheets – Pasting Tables