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      • How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day | Tristan Harris
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        • A handful of people working at a handful of tech companies steer the thoughts of billions of people every day, says design thinker Tristan Harris. From Facebook notifications to Snapstreaks to YouTube autoplays, they’re all competing for one thing: your attention. Harris shares how these companies prey on our psychology for their own profit and calls for a design renaissance in which our tech instead encourages us to live out the timeline we want.
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          Channel :- TED
          Published :- 2017-July-28th
    • The Ethics and Tricks of Technology (Tristan Harris Pt. 1)
      Tristan Harris (Ex-Design Ethicist at Google) joins Dave Rubin to discuss how technology really affects our lives, why design needs ethics, how apps like Snapchat and Twitter are addicting because of their use of ethical and unethical tricks, and much more
      Published On :- 2017-May-22nd
    • Bill Maher & Tristan Harris – The Attention Economy
      Tristan and Bill talk about the race to the bottom for attention, and why we desperately need ethical persuasion in technology
      Published On :- 2017-June-6th




How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day

  1. Agree that we are persuadable
  2. Accountable
    • Goals with the persuaded are inline with those that are persuaded
  3. Closing
    • Human Architecture is limited and we have certain boundaries or dimensions in our lives that we want to be honored and respected
    • Naive Nature of Human Preference
    • Nuanced view of human design
    • Our biggest competitor
  4. Persaudability
    • Studied at Persuasive Lab @ Stanford
  5. Tech People
    • No shortage of good intent
    • Classic race for the bottom
    • Lower into emotion


Bill Maher & Tristan Harris – The Attention Economy

  1. Attention Economy
    • We need you to use it
    • There is only so much
    • When information gets abundant, the only thing left is time
    • They don’t read anymore
    • I have to go lower on the brain stem
    • I have to confirm your biases
    • We are not their customers; the advertisers are their customers
    • They all need more attention
  2. Myth
    • There is a myth that technology is neutral




em Client


A little over a month ago, I needed to research some past email correspondences.

I am not that satisfied with Microsoft’s Outlook web site.

I find it to be slow and its performance is uneven.

It might be the advertisement, might be that I keep too much emails in my inbox, or the HTML/JavaScript client.

I have a reasonably fast Internet Connection at work and at home and so it is not network throughput.

Save a dozen other posts for


Windows Live Mail

Thought back to yesteryear, downloaded Windows Live and stubbornly installed Windows Live Mail.

Stubborn is the active word here.

My struggles is acknowledged here.


The only good that comes from been stubborn is that a few people let in that they were just as stubborn.

And, that if you really want an email client for your desktop, em-client is a tool that one should shortlist.


em Client is available here.


Screen Shot

End User License Agreement



Ready to install eM Client



Installing eM Client



Your eM Client is installed






  1. Set eM Client as default application => unchecked
  2. Run on Windows startup => unchecked
  3. Launch eM Client => checked



Email Provider


Screen Shot




Import data from other software




As I currently have both Microsoft’s Outlook and Windows Live Mail installed on my desktop, was given an opportunity to import data from them.

New Account – Setup an Account




New Account – Account Details



New Account – Finish




Screen Shot


Currently only the Hotmail Account is configured.

New Account – Set up an account

New Account – Account Details

New Account – Finish

New Account – Browser – Sign in with Google

New Account – Password Required – em Client request access

em Client requesting access to gmail.

New Account – You are all set!

Review Accounts

Here is where we are upon adding gmail account.