Phishing Paypal :-


This morning received an obvious phishing email.

Chose to play along and see if it is one already known to Google’s Chrome.


Evidence Gathering


Email Folder – Junk Email

Here is what the email looks like:

Email Screen

Email Text

PауРаl PауРаl   Hello,Аs раrt оf оur sесuritу mеаsurеs , wе rеgulаrlу sсrееn асtivitу in thе РауРаl Sуstеm.Wе rесеntlу соntасtеd yоu аftеr nоtiсing аn issuе оn yоur РауРаl . Wе rеquеstеd infоrmаtiоn frоm yоu fоr thе fоllоwing rеаsоn:

Оur systеm dеtесtеd аn аbnormаl issuе in your ассount, wе bеliеvе thеrе might bе а brеасh . in this саsе we nееd to vеrify your ассount. plеаse сliсk on thе link bеlow аnd follow thе stеps for more sесurity еnsurаnсе.
This is thе lаst rеmindеr tо lоg in tо yоur аcсоunt аs sооn аs роssiblе.Oncе yоu lоg in , yоu will bе рrоvidеd with stерs tо rеstоre yоur ассоunt ассеss.

Remove Limitation NowCopyright ©2017 РаyРаl. All rights reserved.Company Limited by Shares. Registered office:Boulevard Royal, M-Luxembourg



Followed the trail ( Link ), so you don’t have to …

The URL reads



  1. Report
    • Report through web site
      • Google
        • Report Phishing Page
      • Symantec
        • Report Phishing Page
    • Report through email
      • Anti-Phishing Working Group
        • Web Site :- Link
        • Email :-
      • US – Department of Homeland Security
        • US-Cert
          • Report Phishing Sites
            Web Site :- Link
            Email :-
      • US – Federal Trade Commision
        • Email :-
        • Read more here
      • Apple
        • iCloud
          • Email :-
          • Read more here
      • Amazon
        • Email :-
        • Read more here


Some of these guys are actually smart.

Prayerfully, they will take off the blinders.

Like Jacob Prasch would say “Let the guy go out, learn a trade, and start to make a honest living…become a carpenter” for Christ’s sake.

Randy Treit (MSFT) on 10 seconds


What is 10 seconds to you?

In a blog posting MSFT’s Randy Treit talks about the constraints Microsoft’s places on itself to quickly identify, classify, and get in the way of targeted virus penetration.


Windows Defender Antivirus cloud protection service: Advanced real-time defense against never-before-seen malware


For cybercriminals, speed is the name of the game. It takes newly released malware an average of just four hours to achieve its goal—steal financial information, extort money, or cause widespread damage. In a recent report, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said that cybercriminals will use hacked or stolen information within nine minutes of posting in underground forums. Stopping new malware in real-time is more critical than ever.

Approximately 96% of all malware files detected and blocked by Windows Defender Antivirus (Windows Defender AV) are observed only once on a single computer, demonstrating the polymorphic and targeted nature of modern attacks, and the fragmented state of the threat landscape. Hence, blocking malware at first sight is a critical protection capability.

To fight the speed, scale, and complexity of threats, we work to continually enhance Windows Defender AV and other security features built into Windows 10. In our white paper “The evolution of malware prevention” we discussed our advanced, predictive approach to protecting customers from threats that they face today, as well as those that will emerge in the future.

This blog continues that discussion and provides the first detailed account of one way we improve our capability to stop never-before-seen malware with new enhancements to the Windows Defender Antivirus cloud protection service.

In Windows 10 Creators Update, the Windows Defender AV client uploads suspicious files to the cloud protection service for rapid analysis. Our ability to make a swift assessment of new and unknown files allows us to protect customers from malware the first time we see it.

We have built these enhancements on the next-gen security technologies enabling Windows Defender AV to automatically block most new, never-before-seen threats at first sight using the following methods:

  • Lightweight client-based machine learning models, blocking new and unknown malware
  • Local behavioral analysis, stopping file-based and file-less attacks
  • High-precision antivirus, detecting common malware through generic and heuristic techniques

In relatively rare cases, when Windows Defender AV needs additional intelligence to verify the intent of a suspicious file, it sends metadata to the cloud protection service, which can determine whether the file is safe or malicious within milliseconds using the following techniques:

  • Precise cloud-based machine learning models that can make an accurate assessment based on signals from the client
  • Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph that monitors threat data from a vast network of sensors

In rarer cases still, when Windows Defender AV cloud protection service is unable to reach a conclusive verdict based on metadata, it can request the potential malware sample for further inspection.

In Windows 10 Creators Update, the Windows Defender AV client uploads suspicious files to the cloud protection service for rapid analysis. While waiting for a verdict, the Windows Defender AV client maintains a lock on the dubious files, preventing possible malicious behavior. The Windows Defender AV client then takes action based on the verdict. For example, if the cloud protection service determines the file as malicious, it blocks the file from running, providing instant protection.

Windows Defender Antivirus instant protection from the cloud

Instant protection at work: A few seconds can make a lot of difference in protection

In a recent real-life example, a Windows 10 Home customer was tricked into downloading a new variant of the Ransom:Win32/Spora family of ransomware.

The malware was disguised as a font file with the name “Chrome font.exe”. It was hosted on an online learning website that had been compromised by an attacker, who attempted to trick people into downloading the malware using a social engineering tactic described by Proofpoint in this blog. In this scheme targeting Chrome users, legitimate websites were compromised to open a pop-up window indicating “The ‘HoeflerText’ font wasn’t found”, requiring a supposed update to fix. The customer clicked the “Update” button in the pop-up window, which downloaded the Spora ransomware variant.

The customer’s Windows Defender AV client routinely scanned the file using on-box rules and definitions. Since it had not encountered the file before, Windows Defender AV did not detect it as malicious; however, it recognized the file’s suspicious characteristics, so it temporarily prevented the file from running. The client sent a query to the Windows Defender AV cloud protection service, which used machine-learning-powered cloud rules to confirm that the file was likely malware needing further investigation.

Within 312 milliseconds, the cloud protection service returned an initial assessment. It then instructed the client to send a sample and to continue locking the file until a more definite verdict was given.

In about two seconds, the client finished uploading the sample. By default, it’s set to wait for up to 10 seconds to hear back from the cloud protection service before letting such suspicious files run.

As soon as the sample was uploaded, a backend file-processing system analyzed the sample. A multi-class machine learning classifier determined there was more than a 95% chance that the file was malicious. The cloud protection service created a signature, which it sent back to client. All of this happened in just five seconds.

One second later, the Windows Defender AV client applied the cloud signature and quarantined the malware. It reported the results back to the cloud service; from that point on, this file was automatically blocked, protecting all Windows PC customers.

From the time Windows Defender AV uploaded the sample, the cloud protection service returned the malware signature in just five seconds, as shown by these actual timestamps:

2017-04-20 03:53:21 – Cloud protection service received query from Windows Defender AV client

2017-04-20 03:53:21 – Cloud protection service assessed it hadn’t seen the file and that is was suspicious, so it requested a sample and to keep locking the file

2017-04-20 03:53:23 – Sample finished uploading

2017-04-20 03:53:28 – Cloud protection service determined file as malware, generated signature, and sent that back to client

2017-04-20 03:53:29 – Windows Defender AV client notified that it successfully detected and removed the malware

Stay protected with Windows 10 Creators Update

Our many years of in-depth research into malware, cyberattacks, and cybercriminal operations give us insight into how threats continue to evolve and attempt to slip past security solutions. Guided by expert threat researchers, we use data science, machine learning, automation, and behavioral analysis to improve our detection solutions continuously.

In Windows 10 Creators Update, we rolled out important updates to Windows Defender Antivirus, which uses cloud protection service that delivers real-time protection against threats. With these enhancements, we show our commitment to providing unparalleled real-time defense against modern attacks.

Our ability to make a swift assessment of new and unknown files allows us to protect even would-be patient zero against attacks. More importantly, we use this intelligence to protect the rest of our customers, who may encounter these malware in subsequent attacks or similar threats in other cybercriminal campaigns.

Cloud-based protection is enabled in Windows Defender AV by default. To check that it’s running, launch the Windows Defender Security Center. Go to Settings > Virus & threat protection settings, and make sure that Cloud-based protection and Automatic sample submission are both turned On.

In enterprise environments, cloud protection service can be managed using Group Policy or via the Windows Defender Security Center app.

When enabled, Windows Defender AV locks a suspicious file for 10 seconds by default, while it queries the Windows Defender AV cloud protection service. Administrators can configure Windows Defender AV to extend the timeout period up to one minute to give the cloud service time to perform even more analysis and apply additional techniques to detect new malware.

As the threat landscape continues to move towards more sophisticated attacks and malware campaigns that can achieve their goals in hours instead of days, it is critical to be able to respond to new attacks in real-time. With Windows 10 Creators Update and the investments we’ve made in cloud protection service, we’re able to detect brand new threat families within seconds, protect “patient zero”, and disrupt new malware campaigns before they start.

Randy Treit

Senior Program Manager, Windows Defender Engineering

WordPress & Google Web Master


A few weeks ago I touched on the fact that because search tags are been encrypted by Search providers, WordPress is unable to offer us aggregate information as to which tags visitors are using to reach our blog.

Promised to come back and add more details.

Like Button

Based on like button from that original page, I brought out the smart phone on my commute come home this evening and googled for others work.

BTW, here is a link to the original page.

This post will cover the hard work of others.



Settings / Traffic

Access Settings / Traffic via this URL (  [ Link ])


Site Verification Services

Currently, four providers are exposed.  And, those are:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Pinterest
  4. Yandex




Search Console

For Google, we access

We click the “Add A Property” button.

Add a Property

We entered our WordPress URL:


Verify Ownership of Property

Recommended Method

Click the “Alternate Method” tab.

Alternate Method
Original Screen

HTML tag -> Screen

Upon clicking the HTML tag button,  Google offers us a personalized verification tag.



Settings / Traffic

Accessed WordPress Settings and Traffic via this Link.

Site Verification Services

Site Verification Services – Google Tag Entered

In the text box reserved for Google, please paste the Google Tag and click the Save button.



Search Console

Verification Success


Search Analytics



Have to give Google some time to curate our web site and hopefully offer us some data.



  1. WordPress
    • WordPress Tools

WordPress – Stats / Search Terms :- “Unknown Search Terms”



Occasionally, I review the stats on our WordPress Blog.

It is good way to gauge readership aggregated by Country, Posts, and clicks.


Search Tags

Another coverage is the actual Search Tags that brought traffic to the site.


Stats for 2017-May-31st


Here is the one for today…


Just about all entries are marked “Unknown“.


Why “Unknown”

Why the opacity in “Search Terms“:


  1. Privacy
  2. Legal Protection




Search Engines encrypt the search tags entered by their users.  For the sake of privacy and to better protect web users activities, Search Engine providers are moving to encrypt the data entered by users.

They allow end users to enter the search tags, utilize those search tags to find matches, decline to pass them along when users click on links, and save the encrypted version.

Legal Protection

Force Governments & Law Enforcements to request Subpoena Order before handing over Users Search History.

This protects the providers themselves from lawsuits brought by grieved users and shareholders.



Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have all transitioned to encrypting search tags and not forwarding it.

Browsers can also be configured not to forward the referrer and search tags.

Search Engines


  1. Bing Moving to Encrypt Search Traffic by Default
    Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager – Bing
    Published On :- 2015-Jun-15th



In follow-up posts, will talk about avenues available through Search Providers and WordPress to regain some of these insights.



Syria has been in the news a lot lately.

Wanted to see what youtube has on it.



  1. The Reason Why America Is Bombing Syria – Coast To Coast AM Alternative APR 2017
    There has been a secret war between Syria & America since before Ronald Reagan took up office in the white house. Watch this video so you can better understand what is going on in Syria.
    Published On :- 2017-April-17th
    Added On :- 2017-April-17th



The Reason Why America Is Bombing Syria – Coast To Coast AM Alternative APR 2017

  1. Constructive Ambiguity
    • Wikipedia
      • Link
      • Constructive ambiguity is a term generally credited to Henry Kissinger, said to be the foremost exponent of the negotiating tactic it designates.  It refers to the deliberate use of ambiguous language on a sensitive issue in order to advance some political purpose. Constructive ambiguity is often disparaged as fudging. It might be employed in a negotiation, both to disguise an inability to resolve a contentious issue on which the parties remain far apart and to do so in a manner that enables each to claim obtaining some concession on it.
  2. Assad Response
    • Said to Kissinger “Release demons hidden under the surface of the Arab World
    • British Journalist
      • Assad Optimism has gone
      • His trust in the future has gone
      • What emerges instead is brutal and vengeful Assad who sought nothing but revenge
  3. Ronald Reagan
    • Sunny Optimism
    • But, inherited damage wrought by Henry Kissinger & Assad’s botched diplomacy
  4. Palestine Massacre
    • Christian Lebanese Faction
    • Israel stood by
  5. Ronald Reagan
    • Sent in troops
    • Promised they are neutral
  6. Assad did not believe
    • He believed they were sent to fraction the Arabs
    • He leaned on Khomeini
  7. Khomeini
    • Ruled over Iran for 2 years
    • Developed poor man’s bomb
    • Bomb
      • Suicide specifically prohibited in the Koran
    • In the past you become a martyr because God chose the place and time of your death
    • Khomeini changed the thinking
    • He went back to fundamental Shi’ite thinking
      • Destroy yourself to further the revolution
      • Hussein ( Founder of Shi’ite Muslim )
      • Rituals
      • March in procession
  8. Iran
    • Iran & Iraq War
      • School kids loaded into Buses
      • Walked right into enemy territory to open up gaps
  9. Assad took from Khomeini
    • Take explosives with you
    • Become known as suicide bombing
    • Two Suicide bombers
    • 241 America Marines were killed
  10. Hezbollah was thought to be responsible
    • Many of them were Iranians, but under the command of Assad
    • Links
      • Hezbollah Is Winning the War in Syria
  11. Dec 1985, Rome and Vienna Airport
    • 19 people killed
    • 5 Americans
  12. Reality became less and less important in American Politics
    • It wasn’t what was real that was driving the facts
    • It was how you can twist the facts
    • How you can twist the facts to make your opponent look bad
    • It became how can you manipulate the American people
  13. Lockerbie Bombing, 1998 Scotland
    • For 18 Months Syria was blamed
    • Security changed story to Libya
    • Local Investigators thought it was Syria
    • Libya
      • Libya evidence circumstantial, but strong
      • One can be charged based on circumstantial evidence alone
    • Assad needed for coming Gulf War
  14. 10 years later
    • Assad was no longer in control
      • Fundamentalism jumped from to Shi’ite to Sunni
  15. Hamas kidnapped an Israeli Border Guard
    • Israel Response
      • 450 Hamas were kidnapped and taken to Israel
      • Hamas & Hezbollah were placed in same holding space
      • Hezbollah taught Hamas how to do Suicide attack
  16. Hamas
    • Hamas started making inroads into Israel itself
    • Suicide Bombing became part of Hamas resistance
    • Tactic shocked the Sunni World
    • Most senior religious leaders in Saudi Arabia said it was wrong
    • Granted OK by Cleric in Egypt
      • Issued Fatwa
      • Said it was OK to kill civilians
      • Said that as all Israelis are required to serve in the Military, there is no difference between soldiers and regular citizens
      • Israeli women are not women as in our religion, because women can serve in the military
      • Further he said Allah has given the weak an ability to protect themselves by turning themselves into bombs
  17. 20 Years Later after President Ronald Reagan
    • 20 years after Pres. Reagan experienced first suicide attack
    • Suicide Bombing – Report Card – 01
      • Destroyed fragile peace and placed political solution a bit more out of reach
      • Destroyed first thing, Political Settlement,  Assad said he wanted
      • Gaddafi
        • American had retracted and allowed suicide bombing to fester and mutate
        • America went after Gaddafi
          • Evil Tyrant of head of a rogue state
          • Arch criminal who wanted to terrorize the world
      • Them and their evil personality
  18. After 9-11
    • If only you could remove the leadership, the grateful people of their country will transform into Democracy
    • George Bush Jnr, Tony Blair
      • Saddam Hussein & Iraq
      • Possessed by Saddam Hussein
      • Line between truth and fiction become more blurred
      • Sept 2002, head of MI6 went to Blair
        • We have found the source that confirm that everything
        • Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons
        • Scene from movie
          • The Rock
          • Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage
  19. Iraq War
    • Bashar Assad replicated his father
      • Profile
        • Hobbie :- Computer, Syria Computer Society
        • Favorite Movie :- Electric Light Orchestra
      • Set up a pipeline to allow militants to go from Syria to get to Iraq
        • Militants
          • Sunnis started killing Shiite
          • Wanted Civil War, Sectarian Conflict,  in Iraq
          • Beheading of Daniel Pearl
            • Daniel Pearl, Son of Judea Pearl
              • Judea Pearl is an Israeli-American computer scientist and philosopher, best known for championing the probabilistic approach to artificial intelligence and the development of Bayesian networks
              • Journalist for Wall Street Journal
  20. Upon returning from Iraq
    • The Sunni warriors turned against Bashar Assad
    • Assad responded in fury
    • His response turned the country into an Inferno
  21. Western Leaders
    • Bashar Assad is evil
    • But, his detractors might be more evil
    • Then it got more complicated, the Russians came in
      • Non-Linear Warfare
        • Approach called Non-Linear Warfare
        • Developed by Vladislav Surkov
        • Tested in Ukraine
        • A world of multi-contradictions that makes it difficult for opposition to response as they can not counteract a shifting narrative
        • The ultimate aim is not win the war, but to manage and control it


Life Through YouTube



  1. Rob Scheer & Reece
    • Dad adopts four kids ( including Amaya & Makai ), gives them childhood he never had
      Rob Scheer wants to make sure no other child in the foster care system has an experience like the ones he and his children had. Warning: descriptions of abuse.
      Published :- 2017-Feb-10th
    • Talks With Sheba WLVS Radio Show—Dr. Sheba Holly –Rob Scheer & Family Comfort Cases
      Comfort Cases for Children in Foster Care—————————————- We often take our lives for granted. There are children across the United States that drifts from pillar to post daily. Ideally when we imagine childhood, we envision smiling faces and endless giggles. However, this is not always the actuality for countless youth. Children are experiencing the unthinkable. We must open our minds and hearts to this crude reality. Tonight Rob and Reese Scheer, Founder/CEO of Comfort Cases will share how they combat the dilemma. But wait THERE’S MORE! Their efforts to help children were side swiped by One Million Angry Moms. WHO DOES THAT! You can’t miss this Episode! Knowledge Always Empowers! So, Let’s Talk! Tune in Today, Marvelous Monday at 7pm. WLVS Radio Live Stream at Talks With Sheba Radio Show Watch Replay at Or YouTube Channel: Talks With Sheba Text Questions: (202) 288-0676
      Published On :- 2016-Jan-11th

  2. Living For Christ
    • Mesiah, Detroit Michigan
      • This man came face to face with the Devil after he drowned
        Occurred In: 2003-March
        Published On :- 2016-June-11th
      • Family
        • Father :- Mesiah
        • Wife :- Tameka
        • Brother :- Leonard
        • Children :- Mary & Mira
  3. Jeremy Henwood, Police Officer
    • Police Officer’s Final Act of Kindness Caught on Tape Before Dying
      A good police officer……

  4. Ben Breedlove
    • Teen Boy Dies, But Then His Friends Tell Mom And Dad “There is A Video Online You Should See
    • This is my story
      • This is my story (Part 1)
      • This is my Story ( Part 2 )

  5. Soldier Sits Down Next To Stranger In Airport, Then Finds Out He Paid For His Family Vacation
    Published On : 2016-Oct-27t

  6. Billy Barr
    • National Geographic
      • He Spent 40 Years Alone in the Woods, and Now Scientists Love Him | Short Film Showcase
        Welcome to Gothic, Colorado—one of the coldest places in the United States. This ghost town has been abandoned since the 1920s, but there is at least one person who still calls it home. For more than 40 years, current resident billy barr has lived in a small cabin, recording data about the snowpack to pass the time. In this short film, Morgan Heim of Day’s Edge Productions profiles the legendary local who inadvertently provided scientists with a treasure trove of climate change data.
        Published On:- 2017-Jan-17th

  7. Ray Bryant & Annie
    • Reunited: Daughter finds homeless dad online after 20 years – BBC News
      Ray Bryant was sleeping rough on the streets of Barking when two of his friends launched a campaign to raise money to help him secure a home before Christmas. By chance, that campaign was seen by 22-year-old Annie in Devon – who realised the man in the photos was her long-lost father. Ray has had a difficult past, spending time in prison as well as battling a drug addiction. He lost contact with his daughter 19 years ago and had not seen her since she was a toddler – until yesterday. Our reporter Jim Reid went to meet them at their reunion.

  8. George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski
    • Twins reunited after 70 years apart – BBC News
      They were separated at birth and it took 70 years to bring them back together. George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski, 69, were born in Germany after their Polish mother was sent to a forced labour camp.
      Published On: 2015-Sept-14th

  9. Isaac Nolting and Dakotah Zimmer
    • Every summer, Dawn Nolting buys her 12-year-old son Isaac a pool pass, and drops him off to swim with his friends. In June, Isaac was hanging out, when he met a friend-of-a-friend, 13-year-old Dakotah Zimmer. The kids at the pool in Washington, Mo., noticed that Isaac and Dakotah looked an awful lot alike — they have the same hands, the same feet, the same nose, the same haircut — they even walk alike.Someone asked if they were brothers. Dakotah said he had a brother he had never met who was adopted by a woman named Dawn. “That’s my mom’s name,” Isaac said.
      Published On: 2012-Dec-1st


  10. Dr. Juanita Bynum
    • Dr. Juanita Bynum – Powerful Testimony (Ex-Porn Star Saved)
      Published On : – 2015-Dec-5th



Rob Scheer & Reece

Dad adopts four kids ( including Amaya & Makai ), gives them childhood he never had

  1. Rob Scheer
    1. Biological Parent saying “Which Kid do you want to shoot first?”
    2. Homeless at 18
    3. Joined the military
    4. Never told anyone my story
    5. Wanting to be a Dad, but knowing there are the two things you will miss out on if you a Gay
      • Not going to be parent
      • And, not going to get married
        • Thankfully, the marriage thing looks like it was on the Horizon
    6. Reece asked why are we not adopting locally?
      • Do you know how many kids you are doing a disservice to by not telling your story


Talks With Sheba WLVS Radio Show—Dr. Sheba Holly –Rob Scheer & Family Comfort Cases

  1. Sit down at dinner every night and pray and say what we are thankful for
  2. Go to Church every Sunday
  3. Lucky Kids
    • They are not the ones who are lucky
    • We are the ones who are lucky
  4. What kids know
    1. They know that there is not a mum in their house
    2. Their Dada who has a Master’s degree chose to stay home and be a Stay at Home Day
      • Sacrificed his career and a College Education
      • Believing he has a more important thing to do
      • I am here to guide and love them
      • It matters if you love them
  5. Anniversary
    • 7 years ago
    • Every year on a weekend, we celebrate the amazing gift of the “Gotcha” Weekend
  6. Dr. Sheba Holly, Host
    • Her ex husband’s family
      • Chose not to have a biological family
      • 49 foster children
      • Adopted 5 of the children



Google Drive – Google Sheets – Pasting Tables



We all take for granted how seamlessly Microsoft Products work together.

Take for instance, I use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to run a query and I will like to prepare a document from the query’s result.

I simply copy the Output Grid’s content, launch Microsoft Word or Excel, and pasted it.

Through the magic of OLE or whatever they call it these days, the data is well received and formatted in the receiving Office App.


Google Drive

These days my main sharing tool is WordPress for public consumption and Google Docs for private data.


Here is the genesis of our Problem

SQL Server Management Studio ( SSMS )


Here is output of a query I ran in SSSM



  1. Nice and visually appealing for an Engineer


Google Drive – Google Docs

Here is what things look like when pasted into Google Docs..



What to do

  1. Looked for Convert to Table
  2. Insert Text as table
  3. Import Text


Nothing helpful.


Solution – 01

Google Drive – Google Sheets

Created a new file, rather than Document went with Sheets




  1. Making progress
    • Kept the grid or columns paradigm
    • That is things are not jumbled well, with text intertwined together


Google Drive – Copy From Google Sheets Into Google Docs

Here we copied the cells from Google Sheets Into our original Google Docs




  1. Thankfully things are kept neatly arranged in a Columns
  2. Need to get rid of some extra columns and that is doable


Google Drive – Google Docs – Table – Delete Extra Columns

Got rid of the extra columns using the menu item Table / Delete Columns.


  1. Inside the Google Doc
  2. Select the extra columns
  3. And, use menu item Table / Delete Columns



Format the Table

One of the great things about these Google Products such as Chrome and Google Drive is that they are extensible and have such a nice and rich 3rd party ecosystem.


Adds On

Table Formatter

I already have Table Formatted installed and so let us initiate it by accessing Google Docs menu items “Add-ons” \ “Table Formatter”.


Google Docs – Menu – Add-Ons



Add-On – Table Formatter – Default Templates

Here are some of the Default Templates available


Customize Table with Add-On – Table Formatter

Select the Google Docs’s tale and choose the one of the Formatting Choices.

Here is our colored layout.




  1. Copy SSMS Grid Data into Clipboard
  2. Create a new Google Sheet ou use existing one
    • Paste copied into Sheet
  3. Create a new Google Doc
    • Select data from Google Sheet
    • Copy into Clipboard
    • And, paste into Google Doc
  4. In Google Docs
    • Using 3rd Party Add Ons such as Table Formatter format Table

Solution – 02


  1. Copy SSMS Grid output into Clipboard
  2. Use Microsoft Excel
    • Launch Microsoft Excel
    • Copy Grid’s data into Excel
    • If you like the way Excel Formats Table, use Excel’s Table Formatting functionality
      • Using F8, make Sheet’s column into actual table
        • Be sure you have Column Headers and all
  3. Create or use New Google Docs
    • Copy Table’s content from MS Excel
    • Paste into Google Doc


In MS SSMS, Copying with Headers




In MS Excel, Pasted SSMS Grid



In MS Excel, Create Table

Here is the panel displayed upon clicking on F8 and thus initiating the “Create Table” options



  1. Please pay attention to the “My table has headers” option


In MS Excel, Formatted Table