Git – Error – “remote: Permission denied”

Background Wanting to contribute to a Git repository, but ran into an error. Error Error - remote: Permission denied. Command Output Textual Remediation Outline Review current targeted repository Create your own repository Return to pulled repository Change Targeted repository Push into new targeted repository Tasks Review Targeted repository Read .git\Config Please read the current content … Continue reading Git – Error – “remote: Permission denied”

Git commit failed with “invalid object”

Background Issued "git commit" to commit changes to a git repository. But, "NO GO".   Error Error Text Error Image Possible Remediation Outline git hash-object -w ( did not work ) git reset --mixed ( did not work ) Change Folder \ File permissions ( worked ) Tasks git hash-object -w Tried to re-hash identified … Continue reading Git commit failed with “invalid object”

GitHub – Private Repository – Collaboration

Background Yesterday I was going over a SQL Server module with a family member. Often I will send him an email and have him review further on his own. GitHub But, now with GitHub allowing private repositories even for free members, I can just go ahead and share that module with him. Outline Launch Web … Continue reading GitHub – Private Repository – Collaboration

git commit – failed – “git rename from ‘.git/index.lock’ to ‘.git/index’ failed”

Background Issued git commit, but failing. Error Error Image Error Message   TroubleShooting Accessed the .git folder and noticed that a file named index already exists. That file's existence is likely why git commit is unable to rename index.lock to index.   Remediation Rename the existing index file to something out of the way such … Continue reading git commit – failed – “git rename from ‘.git/index.lock’ to ‘.git/index’ failed”

Github – Warning – “… this is larger than GitHub’s recommended maximum file size of 50.00 MB”

Background In our last post tried uploading Microsoft's office Excel Viewer to github, but ran into a familiar error\warning. Referenced Posts Here are referenced posts :- Microsoft Office Files Viewer Link   Error Error Image Error Text Remediation Git Large File Storage Outline Please peruse Git Large File Storage instruction on how to incorporate Git … Continue reading Github – Warning – “… this is larger than GitHub’s recommended maximum file size of 50.00 MB”

Git – Git Client for Windows – Installation

Background Preparing a new development machine and need Git Client installed.   Installation Files The installation files for all supported platforms ( Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows )  is here. And, the one for Windows is here.   Downloaded Downloaded the Windows Client.  The current version is 2.17.1. The bitness specific version name is … Continue reading Git – Git Client for Windows – Installation

Git Repository Spring Cleaning Using “BFG Repo-Cleaner”

Background I will be the first one to admit it, a lot of what I write about is for nothing sake; it is just to write. As mum reminded me this last weekend, "you talk just for the sake of talking". To which I laughed, knowing she said it in the most endearing way.   … Continue reading Git Repository Spring Cleaning Using “BFG Repo-Cleaner”