Git – Special Files – .gitattributes

Background Unfortunately ran into an error trying to upload a big file unto Git. Git Git LFS I thought I had that problem behind me. Years prior I had set up Git LFS. By the way,¬† LFS translates to "Large File Support". StackOverfow Googled for help. Thankfully landed at StackOverfow. The StackOverfow Q/A Post is … Continue reading Git – Special Files – .gitattributes

WordPress:- ShortCodes

Background WordPress is an actual platform. As a platform, it provides tooling to consume data and media from various sources.   Outline Music YouTube SoundCloud Image Sharing Pinterest Code Sharing GitHub Gist   Contents Music YouTube Outline Link Paste the link Embed with a Short Code Use youtube tag Link Paste the link   … Continue reading WordPress:- ShortCodes

GitLab:- Snippet Managing

Background In this post, we will cover how to manage snippets in GitLab.   GitLab Snippet Outline Here are the steps for creating a snippet in GitLab. Initiate From the top menu bar, access the Snippets option Snippets Your Snippets Explore Snippets New Snippet - Adding Title Description Files Individual Files Filename Code Snippet Visibility … Continue reading GitLab:- Snippet Managing

Git:- “git add .”

Background Quick Reminder on why not to quickly take pointers. Git Sessions Outline Session - 01 git add git add . git commit git reset Session - 02 git add git add <filename> git status git commit git push Session - 01 git add Issued "git add ." git commit Issued git commit. My editor … Continue reading Git:- “git add .”

Git Cli – Error – “ Permission denied (publickey).”

Background I needed to take a quick look at a GitHub repository. I launched a command shell and issued "git clone" against the repository. Git Command Here is the syntax and sample for the git clone command. Git Clone Syntax Text     Error Error Message Unfortunately, we encountered an error. The error is:- Image … Continue reading Git Cli – Error – “ Permission denied (publickey).”

GitHub:- Error – “ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out”

Background Attempting to upload my latest code changes to GitHub, but no go. Error Here are the error messages. Error - Git Push Image Textual TroubleShooting Wanted to see if it was just sending updates that are failing. Let us see what happens with pulling files from GitHub. Git Git Command Line Error - Git … Continue reading GitHub:- Error – “ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out”

GitHub:- Git push – Error Message – “Failed to enumerate credentials. [0x520]”

Background On a couple of Git Repositories, I have been having issues completing "git push" commands.   Error Message Failed to enumerate credentials. [0x520] Image Textual Explanation fatal: Failed to enumerate credentials. [0x520] fatal: A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated TroubleShooting Outline Git Commands Git Remote Tasks Git … Continue reading GitHub:- Git push – Error Message – “Failed to enumerate credentials. [0x520]”

GitHub:- “Password Authentication is deprecated”

Background Sometimes last week received an email from GitHub.   Email Basic Authentication using a password to Git is deprecated Image Textual Explanation Here is what is conveyed via email:- Repository Name DanielAdeniji/hello Git Client Version git/ Git Client Version Number 2.29.2 OS Version Windows Notice Basic authentication using a password to Git is deprecated … Continue reading GitHub:- “Password Authentication is deprecated”