File System – Folder Sizes in Powershell

Background Needing to get folder sizes, but did not want to remote desktop to the machine and get the folder size using MS Windows Explorer. Code PowerShell Link Link Body Output  

ODBC – SQLBindCol Function – Using Microsoft’s sample code – Code Review

Background A quick follow-up to our original post on using the ODBC SQLBindCol function. Lineage ODBC – SQLBindCol Function – Using Microsoft’s sample code Date Published :- 2020-01-01 Link Microsoft Sample Web Site Tried out Microsoft's sample; available here. Docs / SQL ODBC / ODBC Advanced / Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)/  ODBC Programmer's Reference … Continue reading ODBC – SQLBindCol Function – Using Microsoft’s sample code – Code Review

Markdown – Editors

Background Needing to quickly add readme ( help ) to a GitHub Repository. What is Markdown Wikipedia Link Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. Its design allows it to be converted to many output formats, but the original tool by the same name only supports HTML. Markdown is often used … Continue reading Markdown – Editors

wget – Use to download GitHub files

Background Let us issue wget to download github files. Artifacts EternallyBored.Org Windows binaries of GNU Wget Link SourceForge gnuwin32 wget Link Usage Outline Download file To download individual files, please use github's raw interface Download folder To download entire repository, please use the archive/zip toolset Tasks Download File Syntax Sample Sample - _gitGetFile.cmd Sample - … Continue reading wget – Use to download GitHub files

GitHub – Private Repository – Collaboration

Background Yesterday I was going over a SQL Server module with a family member. Often I will send him an email and have him review further on his own. GitHub But, now with GitHub allowing private repositories even for free members, I can just go ahead and share that module with him. Outline Launch Web … Continue reading GitHub – Private Repository – Collaboration