Git:- List File ( git ls-files )

Background Yesterday I was re-arranging some files and needed to double reaffirm that the files were properly moved. Git Git List Files To list files git provides the git ls-files command.   Git ls-files Option Option Explanation Full Explanation --full-name Display Full File name When run from a subdirectory, the command usually outputs paths relative … Continue reading Git:- List File ( git ls-files )

Git – File Operations – Case Sensitivity

Background If you use git from the command line as I do, you will likely run into git file command requests that does not stick. For instance, you issue "git add <filename>". And, issue "git commit" or "git status" and notice that the file you added is not tagged for local commit. If your file … Continue reading Git – File Operations – Case Sensitivity

Git – Large File Support ( LFS ) – List Files

Background Let us continue to explore Git's support for Large Files ( LFS ). In this post, we will identify the files that are tagged "large files".   Git Git Command git lfs ls-files The command that we will use is "git lfs ls-files". Options Option Usage Depth --deleted Shows the full history of the … Continue reading Git – Large File Support ( LFS ) – List Files

Git – Special Files – .gitattributes

Background Unfortunately ran into an error trying to upload a big file unto Git. Git Git LFS I thought I had that problem behind me. Years prior I had set up Git LFS. By the way,  LFS translates to "Large File Support". StackOverfow Googled for help. Thankfully landed at StackOverfow. The StackOverfow Q/A Post is … Continue reading Git – Special Files – .gitattributes

Git:- Show untracked files

Background Here I am after a good weekend of labor, I will like to make sure that added files are stored away in our source control.   Git Git Status When one issues "git status", it shows untracked files and directories. Git Status -u To show only untracked files, please append the -u option.   … Continue reading Git:- Show untracked files

Git:- git add – not working

Background I have had to rework one of our git repositories. Git Commands   Git Add I issued git add commands a few times, but "No Go". The syntax and sample is shown below. Syntax Sample TroubleShooting Folder Structure Finally, I checked the sub-folder that I was trying to add files from. And, behold there … Continue reading Git:- git add – not working

Git:- “git add .”

Background Quick Reminder on why not to quickly take pointers. Git Sessions Outline Session - 01 git add git add . git commit git reset Session - 02 git add git add <filename> git status git commit git push Session - 01 git add Issued "git add ." git commit Issued git commit. My editor … Continue reading Git:- “git add .”

Git Cli – Error – “ Permission denied (publickey).”

Background I needed to take a quick look at a GitHub repository. I launched a command shell and issued "git clone" against the repository. Git Command Here is the syntax and sample for the git clone command. Git Clone Syntax Text     Error Error Message Unfortunately, we encountered an error. The error is:- Image … Continue reading Git Cli – Error – “ Permission denied (publickey).”

Git:- Git Commit – Comments – Changing Last Commits

Background A couple of days ago, I made a few important code changes and thought it worthy to keep the changes. Review Commit History - Before Any New Commits Let us quickly review our commit history prior to this post. git commit git log syntax sample Output Output - Image Output - Text Explanation Issuing … Continue reading Git:- Git Commit – Comments – Changing Last Commits