Git:- Git Commit – Comments – Changing Last Commits

Background A couple of days ago, I made a few important code changes and thought it worthy to keep the changes. Review Commit History - Before Any New Commits Let us quickly review our commit history prior to this post. git commit git log syntax sample Output Output - Image Output - Text Explanation Issuing … Continue reading Git:- Git Commit – Comments – Changing Last Commits

git – commands -list “unpushed” files

Background Let us identify the differences between our local git repository and its GitHub version. Commands   Popular Commands If one Google's on "show unpushed files", the more popular hits will be samples that resemble the one's listed below:- git diff origin/master..HEAD   Command - git diff origin/master..HEAD Command   Output Text Image   Explanation … Continue reading git – commands -list “unpushed” files

GitHub:- Git push – Error Message – “Failed to enumerate credentials. [0x520]”

Background On a couple of Git Repositories, I have been having issues completing "git push" commands.   Error Message Failed to enumerate credentials. [0x520] Image Textual Explanation fatal: Failed to enumerate credentials. [0x520] fatal: A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated TroubleShooting Outline Git Commands Git Remote Tasks Git … Continue reading GitHub:- Git push – Error Message – “Failed to enumerate credentials. [0x520]”

GitHub:- “Password Authentication is deprecated”

Background Sometimes last week received an email from GitHub.   Email Basic Authentication using a password to Git is deprecated Image Textual Explanation Here is what is conveyed via email:- Repository Name DanielAdeniji/hello Git Client Version git/ Git Client Version Number 2.29.2 OS Version Windows Notice Basic authentication using a password to Git is deprecated … Continue reading GitHub:- “Password Authentication is deprecated”

Linux – File Names with special characters

Background Here I am trying to add a file to git It is a simple git add command.   Script Original   Error Warning - Could not open directory - No such file or directory Error - Image Error - Text   Revision Outline Please escape the special characters git add "$_folder/oracle/v$instance/v$" git add "$_folder/oracle/v\$instance/v\$" … Continue reading Linux – File Names with special characters

Git – Command – “git reset”

Background A few posts ago we touched on a couple of git commands. Let us talk about git reset. Thankfully, rarely use it. Lineage Here are relevant preceding posts:- Git - Client - Commands Link   Scenario Here is what led to this post. I created a couple of files. But, did not like the … Continue reading Git – Command – “git reset”

Git Clone – Error – “fatal: Too many arguments”

Background Ran into a little error using ""Git Bash" on MS Windows.   Error Error Message - fatal: Too many arguments. Image Text Code TroubleShooting Outline Show Hidden Characters Linux / GitBash vi show hidden characters MS Windows Notepad++ show hidden characters Task Git Bash vi Show Hidden Characters Outline Original Plain text view Enter … Continue reading Git Clone – Error – “fatal: Too many arguments”

Git – Client – Commands

Background Let us review some of the GIT commands one will use each day. List of Command   Command Description Syntax Link File Operation Add Add a new file git add <filename> Link Remove Remove an existing file git rm <filename> Link Rename or Move Rename or move an existing file git mv <filename> <folder> … Continue reading Git – Client – Commands

Git – Client/Windows – Git Bash

Background Upon installing a recent version of Git Client opted to evaluate one of its sub-components. Git Bash What Is? Definition Atlassian BitBucket [ Link ] Git Bash is an application for Microsoft Windows environments that provides an emulation layer for a Git command-line experience. Bash is an acronym for Bourne Again Shell. A shell … Continue reading Git – Client/Windows – Git Bash

Git – Client/Windows – Upgrade – v2.29

Background Received an email from GitHub.   Email Email Read Th email's content is posted below: Image Text Explanation Basically, it is 9:45 PM on Friday Night. I should likely be doing something else. Yet, GitHub/Microsoft saw a fit to let me know that they are phasing out username/password authentication.   Outline Here are the … Continue reading Git – Client/Windows – Upgrade – v2.29