Git:- List File ( git ls-files )

Background Yesterday I was re-arranging some files and needed to double reaffirm that the files were properly moved. Git Git List Files To list files git provides the git ls-files command.   Git ls-files Option Option Explanation Full Explanation --full-name Display Full File name When run from a subdirectory, the command usually outputs paths relative … Continue reading Git:- List File ( git ls-files )

Git – File Operations – Case Sensitivity

Background If you use git from the command line as I do, you will likely run into git file command requests that does not stick. For instance, you issue "git add <filename>". And, issue "git commit" or "git status" and notice that the file you added is not tagged for local commit. If your file … Continue reading Git – File Operations – Case Sensitivity

Microsoft/GitHub:- Copilot – Opensource / Piracy

Legal Opinion Software Freedom Conservancy On the filing of the Class Action Law Suit over GitHub's Copilot Link On the filing of the Class Action Law Suit over GitHub's Copilot November 4, 2022 Many of you are inquiring about a lawsuit filed yesterday afternoon by two “J Doe” Plaintiffs regarding the serious and ongoing GitHub … Continue reading Microsoft/GitHub:- Copilot – Opensource / Piracy

Git:- .gitignore file

Background Git is straight forward. And, usually out of the way.   Exclude Files As you develop applications, you may find out that you do not need to store away the binary files produced by your application. Depending on your programming language, the file extensions will vary. For example:- C, C++, C# Object File ( … Continue reading Git:- .gitignore file

Git – Large File Support ( LFS ) – List Files

Background Let us continue to explore Git's support for Large Files ( LFS ). In this post, we will identify the files that are tagged "large files".   Git Git Command git lfs ls-files The command that we will use is "git lfs ls-files". Options Option Usage Depth --deleted Shows the full history of the … Continue reading Git – Large File Support ( LFS ) – List Files

Git – Special Files – .gitattributes

Background Unfortunately ran into an error trying to upload a big file unto Git. Git Git LFS I thought I had that problem behind me. Years prior I had set up Git LFS. By the way,  LFS translates to "Large File Support". StackOverfow Googled for help. Thankfully landed at StackOverfow. The StackOverfow Q/A Post is … Continue reading Git – Special Files – .gitattributes

WordPress:- ShortCodes

Background WordPress is an actual platform. As a platform, it provides tooling to consume data and media from various sources.   Outline Music YouTube SoundCloud Image Sharing Pinterest Code Sharing GitHub Gist   Contents Music YouTube Outline Link Paste the link Embed with a Short Code Use youtube tag Link Paste the link   … Continue reading WordPress:- ShortCodes

GitLab:- Snippet Sharing

Background In this post, we will cover how to embed GitLab's code snippets on a web page.   GitLab Snippet - Sharing - Embedding Code Outline Here are some of the options for sharing GitLab code snippets. HTML Script Block Options HTML Script Block Outline Get Embed Code Use Embed Code Render HTML Page Step … Continue reading GitLab:- Snippet Sharing