WordPress – Editor – Classic Editor – Accessing

Background For a while now, the default editor in WordPress is the "Block Editor". While in development its code name is Gutenberg.   Preference Some of us old-timers still prefer the classic editor.   Accessing the Classic Editor Unfortunately, WordPress has made the classic editor a bit hard to get to.   Options Here are … Continue reading WordPress – Editor – Classic Editor – Accessing

WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied?

Background In WordPress, sometimes a new post is similar to a previous post, and so it is sane to consider using an existing post as the basis for a new one. Copy Posts These last few days, I have accessed the copy posts functionality via the Editor's and Admin Console. Copied Posts The posts copied … Continue reading WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied?

WordPress – Default Category

Background Noticed some of our published posts are categorized "Uncategorized". Change the Default Category Let us go change our default category. Outline To change the default category, please take the following steps :- Access the administrative settings page The Options are Menu Click on the "My Site" link on the Top Menu Bar Use menu … Continue reading WordPress – Default Category