WordPress – Two-Factor Authentication

Background I am a firm believer in glasnost. And, for that reason I choose not to talk much about security in the open space. But, in truth like a lot of things, conditions push us towards "closeness" ever so often. Definition Wikipedia Link Multi-factor authentication is a method of confirming a user's claimed identity in … Continue reading WordPress – Two-Factor Authentication

WordPress – Post – Convert to PDF Document

Background Recently I wrote a document using WordPress. Really should have used Google Docs as the document is really too big for WordPress. Besides, Google Docs has much nicer and accessible Convert to other document formats options.   Too late Too late to cry over spilled milk. Besides, it is only Monday and like Bangles … Continue reading WordPress – Post – Convert to PDF Document

WordPress – Using custom css in hosted wordpress site

Background July 4th on a Tuesday throws everything off. Nevertheless, Our task this first weekend in July 2017 is integrating CSS, Custom Style Sheets, into our hosted WordPress posts. Disclaimers WordPress WordPress Plans As of 2017-July, here are the various flavors of Hosted WordPress. Link WordPress CSS Prerequisite :- Premium :- CSS Small Business :- … Continue reading WordPress – Using custom css in hosted wordpress site

WordPress – Spam – Comments – Filtering

Background Every few days I receive a couple of Spam Comments posted by another site. If you are like me, you might get tired trying to determine whether the comment is relevant and how closely aligned you will like the 3rd party site with yours.   Setting up Comment Filter Here are some steps towards having … Continue reading WordPress – Spam – Comments – Filtering

Google – Chrome – Resource Manager

Introduction Anyone who uses Google's Chrome Web Browser will notice that the system will run increasingly slower as more Google Windows and Tabs are opened. Let us see how to gauge the resource consumption and respond to it a bit. Gauge Resource Usage The key to tracking and breaking down Google's Chrome Resource Usage is … Continue reading Google – Chrome – Resource Manager