WordPress:- Syntax Highlighting – Issue with shortcodes

Background Yesterday evening, I noticed a little issue with WordPress "SyntaxHighlighter Code Block". It manifests when one tries to highlight very short code blocks. Example Alias ll Syntax Image Output Sample -01 Image Output Sample -02 Image Output Summary See, even, WordPress barks at short code. Do the Right Thang, add comments or other "noop" … Continue reading WordPress:- Syntax Highlighting – Issue with shortcodes

WordPress:- ShortCodes – Escaping – pInterest

Background As I noted previously, WordPress allows bloggers and developers to consume various forms of media. Internally, WordPress engineers write very complex code to make it easy for bloggers to use the smallest of code to request the rendering of media.   CSS We will be using a couple of CSS. Using CSS will help … Continue reading WordPress:- ShortCodes – Escaping – pInterest

WordPress:- ShortCodes

Background WordPress is an actual platform. As a platform, it provides tooling to consume data and media from various sources.   Outline Music YouTube SoundCloud Image Sharing Pinterest Code Sharing GitHub Gist   Contents Music YouTube Outline Link Paste the link Embed with a Short Code Use youtube tag Link Paste the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDb3ZZD4bA0   … Continue reading WordPress:- ShortCodes