WordPress – Copying Posts with Categories

Background A week and a half ago, I opened up a support ticket with WordPress. The exact date was August 28th, 2020. The instigator was that when I copy posts, the categories were not copied over. Lineage WordPress:- Classic Editing Date Posted:- 2020-August-19th Link WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied? Date Posted:- 2020-August-28th … Continue reading WordPress – Copying Posts with Categories

WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied? ( Follow Up )

Background Quick Follow up to our last post.   WordPress Support Joshua G. ( Automattic ) Image Text Joshua G. (Automattic) Aug 28, 2020, 9:13 PM UTC Hi there! Recently, we were chatting about the issues you noticed regarding the copy post function. Specifically, it wasn't copying over categories. As we discussed, it appears there's a … Continue reading WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied? ( Follow Up )

WordPress :- Classic Editing

Background WordPress has a new editor. It will take a bit of getting used to. Email Correspondence Image Text Hi Daniel, The new WordPress block editor is now the primary editing experience for your site(s). The WordPress editor empowers you to create pages and posts by layering multiple blocks on top of each other. It's … Continue reading WordPress :- Classic Editing