WordPress:- Using Code Block via HTML

Background In this post, we will offer a few examples of code blocks in WordPress. We will not use the GUI Editor Pane. But, the HTML Pane.   Using Code Blocks in WordPress SQL SQL - Example - 01 select personID , personName , personAddressStreetName , personCity , personState , personPostalCode from [dbo].[person] Python Python … Continue reading WordPress:- Using Code Block via HTML

WordPress:- Code Syntax Highlighting

Background Unfortunately, people with good intentions still lag trying to share code snippets via WordPress.   HTML Code Block If we use the pre-tag, here is how it plays out. Powershell Code Image   Code Output #Get Current Windows User #$currentUserObj = [System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent().Name; $currentUserObj = (whoami); #Split User into array $currentUserArray = $currentUserObj.Split("\"); #Get second … Continue reading WordPress:- Code Syntax Highlighting