WordPress:- Managing Categories

Background I use categories quote a bit in WordPress. Wanted to determine whether there are workarounds for adding categories that have commas in their names. Outline Using the Classic Editor, In the Post Enclose category in double quotes Enclose category in single quotes Category Category Screen Exercise Post Use Double Quotes Within the post, add … Continue reading WordPress:- Managing Categories

WordPress – Copying Posts with Categories

Background A week and a half ago, I opened up a support ticket with WordPress. The exact date was August 28th, 2020. The instigator was that when I copy posts, the categories were not copied over. Lineage WordPress:- Classic Editing Date Posted:- 2020-August-19th Link WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied? Date Posted:- 2020-August-28th … Continue reading WordPress – Copying Posts with Categories

WordPress:- Categories Versus Tags

Background Will like to share transcripts from an issue that WordPress Support is working on my behalf.   WordPress - Support Take - Categories Versus Tags WordPress - Norman @ Sep 2, 2020, 6:14 AM UTC Text   Hi there, Thanks for your patience. I did a quick check of your site and found that … Continue reading WordPress:- Categories Versus Tags

WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied? ( Follow Up )

Background Quick Follow up to our last post.   WordPress Support Joshua G. ( Automattic ) Image Text Joshua G. (Automattic) Aug 28, 2020, 9:13 PM UTC Hi there! Recently, we were chatting about the issues you noticed regarding the copy post function. Specifically, it wasn't copying over categories. As we discussed, it appears there's a … Continue reading WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied? ( Follow Up )

WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied?

Background In WordPress, sometimes a new post is similar to a previous post, and so it is sane to consider using an existing post as the basis for a new one. Copy Posts These last few days, I have accessed the copy posts functionality via the Editor's and Admin Console. Copied Posts The posts copied … Continue reading WordPress – Copy Posts – What is copied?

WordPress – Default Category

Background Noticed some of our published posts are categorized "Uncategorized". Change the Default Category Let us go change our default category. Outline To change the default category, please take the following steps :- Access the administrative settings page The Options are Menu Click on the "My Site" link on the Top Menu Bar Use menu … Continue reading WordPress – Default Category