WordPress- Embed Video Using ShortCode – Code Sharing

Background Once one employs shortcut in YouTube, the wordpress parser goes into overdrive mode and tries its best to render the shortcode. The opportune rendering often gets in the way of code sharing.   Goal In this code we will share how to embed the shortcode for embedding youtube videos. WordPress Embed with a shortcut … Continue reading WordPress- Embed Video Using ShortCode – Code Sharing

WordPress:- SyntaxHighlighter Code Block – Modern Languages

Background For those who enjoy sharing code online, WordPress offers a viable platform. WordPress SyntaxHighlighter Code Block Languages Supported Languages actionscript3 bash clojure coldfusion cpp csharp css delphi diff erlang fsharp groovy html java javafx javascript latex (you can also render LaTeX) matlab (keywords only) objc perl php powershell python r ruby scala sql text … Continue reading WordPress:- SyntaxHighlighter Code Block – Modern Languages

WordPress:- Using Code Block via HTML

Background In this post, we will offer a few examples of code blocks in WordPress. We will not use the GUI Editor Pane. But, the HTML Pane.   Using Code Blocks in WordPress SQL SQL - Example - 01 select personID , personName , personAddressStreetName , personCity , personState , personPostalCode from [dbo].[person] Python Python … Continue reading WordPress:- Using Code Block via HTML

WordPress:- Syntax Highlighting – Issue with shortcodes

Background Yesterday evening, I noticed a little issue with WordPress "SyntaxHighlighter Code Block". It manifests when one tries to highlight very short code blocks. Example Alias ll Syntax Image Output Sample -01 Image Output Sample -02 Image Output Summary See, even, WordPress barks at short code. Do the Right Thang, add comments or other "noop" … Continue reading WordPress:- Syntax Highlighting – Issue with shortcodes

WordPress:- Security Awareness

Background Family, you like to write and you think to self, I enjoy writing and I will like to blog. You have more to say than just loitering around Facebook. WordPress So here you go, you set up a free WordPress site. And, you post one or two things. You are happy, you drew traffic. … Continue reading WordPress:- Security Awareness

WordPress:- ShortCodes – Escaping – pInterest

Background As I noted previously, WordPress allows bloggers and developers to consume various forms of media. Internally, WordPress engineers write very complex code to make it easy for bloggers to use the smallest of code to request the rendering of media.   CSS We will be using a couple of CSS. Using CSS will help … Continue reading WordPress:- ShortCodes – Escaping – pInterest

WordPress:- ShortCodes

Background WordPress is an actual platform. As a platform, it provides tooling to consume data and media from various sources.   Outline Music YouTube SoundCloud Image Sharing Pinterest Code Sharing GitHub Gist   Contents Music YouTube Outline Link Paste the link Embed with a Short Code Use youtube tag Link Paste the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDb3ZZD4bA0   … Continue reading WordPress:- ShortCodes

GitLab:- Snippet Sharing

Background In this post, we will cover how to embed GitLab's code snippets on a web page.   GitLab Snippet - Sharing - Embedding Code Outline Here are some of the options for sharing GitLab code snippets. HTML Script Block Options HTML Script Block Outline Get Embed Code Use Embed Code Render HTML Page Step … Continue reading GitLab:- Snippet Sharing

WordPress:- Managing Categories

Background I use categories quote a bit in WordPress. Wanted to determine whether there are workarounds for adding categories that have commas in their names. Outline Using the Classic Editor, In the Post Enclose category in double quotes Enclose category in single quotes Category Category Screen Exercise Post Use Double Quotes Within the post, add … Continue reading WordPress:- Managing Categories

WordPress:- Code Syntax Highlighting

Background Unfortunately, people with good intentions still lag trying to share code snippets via WordPress.   HTML Code Block If we use the pre-tag, here is how it plays out. Powershell Code Image   Code Output #Get Current Windows User #$currentUserObj = [System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent().Name; $currentUserObj = (whoami); #Split User into array $currentUserArray = $currentUserObj.Split("\"); #Get second … Continue reading WordPress:- Code Syntax Highlighting