Compare PDF Documents

Background I ran into a need to compare PDF documents. Don't even ask me how I backed up into this country road ditch, but "On God" I did.   Tools Vendor Tool URL Platform Pricing Evaluation Adobe ( ) Adobe Acrobat Desktop Commercial Skipped Evaluating due to pricing Aspose ( ) Aspose … Continue reading Compare PDF Documents

Foxit – PDF Editor Activation

Background For a while now, Foxit PDF Reader has been my go to PDF Reader. Notice Post a recent install and upgrade of the Foxit PDF Reader received the notice posted below. Foxit PDF Editor Activation Image   Textual Your trial has 14 days. Purchase. Activate and Free Trial.   Troubleshooting Installed Applications Programs and … Continue reading Foxit – PDF Editor Activation

PDF Documents – Tooling – Rotate

Background A business a family member does a lot of business with emailed him a document.  Unfortunately, the attached PDF document is turned upside down. Process Our need will be to re-orient the page by rotating it a full 180%. Choices Desktop Adobe Adobe PDF Reader Observation Will Rotate a page Saved changes do not … Continue reading PDF Documents – Tooling – Rotate

WordPress – Post – Convert to PDF Document

Background Recently I wrote a document using WordPress. Really should have used Google Docs as the document is really too big for WordPress. Besides, Google Docs has much nicer and accessible Convert to other document formats options.   Too late Too late to cry over spilled milk. Besides, it is only Monday and like Bangles … Continue reading WordPress – Post – Convert to PDF Document