Deion Sanders:- What did you do moments

Background I watched Deion Sanders interview on 60 Minutes. In the interview, Deion was asked why he decided to opt out of retirement to go coach. He said his calling was sprung from the George Floyd Passing.   Videos 60 Minutes Deion Sanders: The 60 Minutes Interview   Video Transcripts 60 Minutes Deion Sanders: The … Continue reading Deion Sanders:- What did you do moments

Deion Sanders, Eddie Robinson Jr.

Background Tolly Carr at HBCU Gameday did a very good job covering the post game coaches' handshake.   Videos Post Game News Conference HBCUGameday Eddie Robinson Jr. goes off on Deion Sanders and Coach Prime responds Profile It was a highly tense and awkward postgame handshake between Alabama State head coach Eddie Robinson Jr. and … Continue reading Deion Sanders, Eddie Robinson Jr.

Deion Sanders On Rock Bottom

Living As Deion tells me, he "had what the world calls success." He was the only athlete who played in both the Super Bowl and the World Series. He had money, fame and women. And then he found out there was ‚Äúnothing there." So he drove his car off the side of a highway, falling … Continue reading Deion Sanders On Rock Bottom