Timothy Keller – 2017/Summer

Teachings The One God uses Videos YouTube TIM KELLER || THE ONE GOD USES||NEW SERMON 2017 Channel :-┬áReformed Gospel Audio Published On :- 2017-September-28th Demoted On:- 2022-August-21st Link YouTube Published On :- 2017-August-10th Link TIM KELLER 2017 - An Immigrant's Courage Profile Tim Keller sermons via Gospel in Life: It takes tremendous courage to leave … Continue reading Timothy Keller – 2017/Summer

David Brooks – This Age of Wonkery

Background Newspaper Man, David Brooks, writes an article only he can write; as it takes not being solidly behind an Ideology.   Story   Link If you were a certain sort of ideas-oriented young person coming of age in the 20th century, it was very likely you would give yourself a label and join some … Continue reading David Brooks – This Age of Wonkery

Sermons for April 2016

Here are some sermons for April 2016 Timothy Keller Changed Lives Videos Video #1 Link Tim Keller on The Bible as a Single Story Videos Video #1 Link Damon Thompson Shift Conference ( 1/19/2015 ) Videos Video #1 Link Neil T. Anderson Neil T Anderson "Spiritual Warfare" Full exclusive interview ( with Jon Oleksiuk ) … Continue reading Sermons for April 2016

Prayer & Meditation

Forward My pastor just started a month long series on prayer. Everyone seems to be on the same page lately. I suppose that┬áit is how it is supposed to be. Yet, the convergence is kind of scary. Others Here are some other voices on the same chord: David Platt Videos The Role of Desperate Prayer … Continue reading Prayer & Meditation