Perry Stone:- Intimate Thoughts

Background I like when everybody is on the same page.   Who is Everybody? Rappers Fat Joe and Boosie Social Media Facebook Rumors   Scripture Leviticus Leviticus 19:16 - Love Your Neighbor ( Link ) 15 You must not pervert justice; you must not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the rich; you … Continue reading Perry Stone:- Intimate Thoughts

Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 – November

Background A quick update on ongoing prophetic trends.   Lineage Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 – September Link   Prophetic Trends Economy Whole The economic is not on its way to getting better.   Elections Congress Electoral pundits have predicted that it appears the House will go Republican. It also appears likely that the Republican … Continue reading Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 – November

Trends Through Biblical Lens:- 2022 – October – Industry – Energy

Background Let us cover the trends we are seeing and experiencing this October 2022. Introduction In a series of posts, we will cover recent trends and see whether they lean towards one area or another when seen through biblical lenses. When the events does not markedly weigh towards specific prophetic expected events, we will remain … Continue reading Trends Through Biblical Lens:- 2022 – October – Industry – Energy

Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 – September

Background As a watch men and watch women let us go over some of prophetic trends that we are seeing.   Prophetic Trends Economy Whole Personally I do not see how the economy fairs better. They are far too many headwinds. Chiefly:- Geo Political Issues Until the man of peace makes his ascension and his … Continue reading Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 – September

Perry Stone:- Prophetic – 2022 – April

Background Pastor Perry Stone delivers a sobering word. Videos The Reset Has Begun | Perry Stone Videos Video #1 Channel:- Perry Stone Date Published:- 2020-April-21st Date Added:- 2022-April-2th Link Scripture The Reset Has Begun | Perry Stone Turn Over of Authority Revelation 17 - The Mystery Explained …10 There are also seven kings. Five have … Continue reading Perry Stone:- Prophetic – 2022 – April

Christianity & The Prophetic:- 2021/October

Introduction To say the Church, at least the prophetic arm, is not getting much sleep these days is to put it very mildly.   Videos Marcus Rogers He Kept Getting Angry That I Wouldn't Open The Door For Him Profile I had an encounter with Joe Biden in my dream. You must listen to this … Continue reading Christianity & The Prophetic:- 2021/October

Election – 2020:- Post Election – Church & Prophetic Voices

Videos Kris Vallotton 'It was a big mistake': Bethel leader apologizes for wrongly prophesying that Trump would win the presidency Videos Video #1 Published 2020-November-9th Link Gordon Robertson Is the 2020 Election Part of End-Times Prophecy? Profile Gordon Robertson breaks down part of his father’s prophecy about the 2020 election, Israel, and the end times. … Continue reading Election – 2020:- Post Election – Church & Prophetic Voices

Election 2020:- Prophetic & Predictive Voices

Background Somehow one will think that the ante could not be any higher per the upcoming election. Prophetic Voices But, then here comes the prophetic voices.   Videos Pat Robertson Pat Robertson Prophecy: Here's Who Will Win Election, Then End Times Prophecies Will Unfold Profile Today, Oct. 20, 2020 on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson … Continue reading Election 2020:- Prophetic & Predictive Voices

Coronavirus & The Church

Videos Shincheonji church Coronavirus: South Korea church leader apologizes for infections Profile The leader of a religious sect in South Korea at the center of a coronavirus outbreak has apologized for not stopping the infection spreading. The founder of the controversial Shincheonji church is being investigated for allegedly trying to cover up infections. The church, … Continue reading Coronavirus & The Church