The Remnant Radio:- Prophetic Critic – 2022

Background My friends at the Remnant Radio are back reviewing prophetic words. They recently reviewed the prophetic words targeted against the calendar year 2022.   Remnant Radio Panel Link Joshua Lewis Michael Rowntree Michael Miller   Videos Where There 2022 PROPHETIC Words That Came To Pass??? Videos Video #1 Channel:- The Remnant Radio Date Published:- … Continue reading The Remnant Radio:- Prophetic Critic – 2022

Christianity:- Sermons & Prophecies – 2021/January

Background Let us share a few sermons and prophecies. Videos Apostle Joshua Selman Soul Merchandizing Clear Signs That Your Soul Has Been Sold to the Devil by Apostle Joshua Selman Profile In this video, Apostle Joshua Selman teaches how the devil negotiates for the souls of men. How the devil even tried negotiating with Jesus … Continue reading Christianity:- Sermons & Prophecies – 2021/January