Allen Parr:- Mark Todd – 2023 – January

Videos Mark Todd 2023-January-7th I have SERIOUS Concerns About Mike Todd After This Profile Mike Todd is the pastor of Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, after careful observation of his doctrine and conduct, I can no longer recommend Mike Todd as a pastor or preacher. Here is why.  Videos Video #1 Channel:- THE … Continue reading Allen Parr:- Mark Todd – 2023 – January

Christianity:- YouTube Channels:- Hosts out in the open

Background Some of the little subtle jabs by Christians with YouTube channels are getting more direct. Videos Marcus Rogers Spoken On:- Allen Parr 2021-May Responding To Allen Parr About My Mike Todd Video On Speaking In Tongues Profile I don't usually do these videos in response to videos people make about me but let's see … Continue reading Christianity:- YouTube Channels:- Hosts out in the open

Allen Parr, Sober Christianity

Videos Critical Race Theory ( CRT ) Josh McDowell Steps Down from Ministry Because of "Racist" Comments | MY REACTION  Profile A Well known Christian apologist and best-selling author and speaker Josh McDowell has recently stepped down from his ministry because of alleged "racist" comments he made during a recent conference. In this video, we … Continue reading Allen Parr, Sober Christianity

Pastor Michael Todd

  Videos Winning In Weakness // Stronger  (Michael Todd) Part 1 Channel:- Transformation Church Date Demoted:- 2021-December-22nd Link Part 2 Channel:- Transformation Church Date Added:- 2020-January-20th Link   In-depth Winning In Weakness // Stronger Scripture David and Jonathan …But if my father intends to bring evil on you, then may the LORD punish me, and … Continue reading Pastor Michael Todd