Dr. Juanita Bynum:- 2017-January

  Music Videos JUANITA BYNUM - I DON'T MIND WAITING ON THE LORD Profile TESTIFYING WITH JONATHAN BUTLER Videos Video #1 Date Demoted:- 2023-May-2nd Link Video #2 Channel:- AIKAN74 Date Published:- 2008-November-7th Date Added:- 2023-May-2nd Link Sermons Juanita Bynum DR. JUANITA BYNUM SPEAKS ON EDDIE LONG, KIM BURRELL AND MORE Small Segment on the Role … Continue reading Dr. Juanita Bynum:- 2017-January

Christian Sermons – 2014/Oct

Background Courtesy of YouTube, I have watched more than my fair share of sermons lately. Though the sermons are publicly available, I wanted to package and acknowledge them in a more concise & precise format. Yet, publicly sharing the list is fraught with risks. The reasons are vast and include the fact that: I started … Continue reading Christian Sermons – 2014/Oct