Meno Kalisher – New Apostolic Reformation ( NAR )

  Videos Israel and the NAR Videos Meno Kalisher video link for Moriel 2020 Uk Conference Israel & NAR Video #1 Channel:- GENESIS CHRISTIAN RADIO ( GCR ) Date Published:- 2020-March-18th Date Removed:- 2020-November-20th Link In-Depth Israel and the NAR Israel and the NAR

Chris Rosebrough – New Apostolic Reformation

  Videos Chris Rosebrough Chris Rosebrough - New Apostolic Reformation Profile Full interview on the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) with Chris Rosebrough, Pastor of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church and Founder of Pirate Christian Radio. Some topics discussed in this interview include modern Apostles, the Latter Rain, the term New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), the Apostolic Commissioning of … Continue reading Chris Rosebrough – New Apostolic Reformation

John Nelson Darby – Dispensationalism & The Pre Trib Rapture

  Videos Plymouth Brethren & John Nelson Darby Founder Of Dispensationalism & The Pre Trib Rapture Exposed. Videos Video #1 Channel :- Matt The Watchman Walker Published On :- 2018-Jan-20th Link Profile Started as an Anglican Left Anglican and became Plymouth Brethren Catalytic Event French Revolution French Revolution was so revolutionary Dispensationalism Secret Rapture Secret … Continue reading John Nelson Darby – Dispensationalism & The Pre Trib Rapture

Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove

Videos Faith Beyond Franchise Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove discussing the danger of the technique of franchising the gospel versus incarnating God's presence together in the particularity of the neighborhood. Channel :- Parish Collective Date Published :- 2014-Feb-21st Link Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove - Oklahoma Christian Q&A Minister, author, and New Monastic leader Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove spoke at Oklahoma Christian … Continue reading Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove

Thamo Naidoo

  Background A perspective, critical, and insider look at the Apostolic movement.   Videos Developing Hebronic Communities of Love (Oneness) Session 1 Community of the Beloved Published  On :- 2018-August-14th Link POA KZN 12 APR - Thamo Naidoo - Developing Hebronic Communities of Love (Oneness) Session 1 Channel :- ApostolicGate Media Published  On :- 2017-April-15th … Continue reading Thamo Naidoo