Father Vince Lampert

Profile Father Vince Lampert is the Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Indiana. Please review his Bio on Wikipedia.  ( Link )   Videos Exorcism & The Power of God Profile Fr. Vincent Lampert, exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, gives an overview of the ministry of exorcism and the power Christ holds over the demonic … Continue reading Father Vince Lampert

Adam Blai

  Videos Adam Blai - Demonology Seminar (Audio) Videos Video #1 Published on :- 2016-Apr 23 Link Audio Audio #1 Channel:- Vachan TV Published on:- 2018-Jan-31st Link Occasion: Adam Blai speaking at One Faith Experience - April 2016. Web Sites religiousdemonology.com Link EWTN On Location - 2016-01-02 - Exorcism In The Modern Church And How … Continue reading Adam Blai

Catholic :- Mysteries of the Church

Narratives Hosted by Carolyn Morrison here is a series of short videos. Mysteries of the Church :- The Church and WWII Link Mysteries of the Church: The Crusades Published On: 2013-Feb-04 Link Mysteries of the Church: Gifts Published On: 2013-Feb-02 Link 27 Catholic Mysteries Gifts of The Holy Spirit Published On: 2013-Nov-07 Link Mysteries of … Continue reading Catholic :- Mysteries of the Church