Paul McGuire & Benjamin Baruch

  Theology Rapture Pre-wrath We are going to be here Pre-tribulation Rapture   Videos Apocalypse and the End Time - Benjamin Baruch Profile Financial expert, Benjamin Baruch discusses the new technology, with Paul McGuire, that is leading the world into global government and how churches must teach Bible prophecy to give people hope. Videos Apocalypse … Continue reading Paul McGuire & Benjamin Baruch

Pastor Joe Schimmel

  Videos Left Behind or Led Astray Profile Left Behind or Led Astray?: Examining the Origins of the Secret Pre-Tribulation Rapture is a new DVD by Good Fight Ministries which examines the origins of dispensationalism Trailer Left Behind or Led Astray Channel :- Good Fight Ministries Link Paul McGuire and Joe Schimmel Profile Series host, … Continue reading Pastor Joe Schimmel