Brazil Unrest:- 2023 – January – Videos

Background Here are some videos from the unfolden events in Brazil. What is at stake? Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America. And, the 4th largest democracy in the world.   Democracy By Numbers Population Ranking Country Population Leader Who is he? Assumed office Next Election Wikipedia Link 7 The Phillippines 105 Million Bongbong … Continue reading Brazil Unrest:- 2023 – January – Videos

Brazil Unrest:- 2023 – January

Background Beloved, please continue to keep Brazil in deep prayer, meditation, and concern. Those of us called into the service of watchmen and watch women stand as witness. Especially, as disorder flourishes.   Lineage Brazil – Elections – 2022 – Jair Bolsonaro vs Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Date Published:- 2022-October-2nd Link Brazil – Elections … Continue reading Brazil Unrest:- 2023 – January