Teaching & Prophetic:- 2022 – Summer

Background We are in the middle of 2022. Time is moving so quickly these days.   Scripture I will like to share a couple of scripture with the brethren.   Read The Bible Acts 17:11 ( Link ) 11 Now the Bereans were more noble-minded than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great … Continue reading Teaching & Prophetic:- 2022 – Summer

Evangelist Tiff Shuttlesworth

Background Evangelist Tiff Shuttlesworth is a teacher of the latter days.   Rapture Timing Position In terms of the rapture's timing, Tiff Shuttlesworth is a proponent of the Pre-Trib position.   Glossary Rapture Preterism All the prophecy that was listed in Revelations were targeted for AD 70 All prophecy is behind us ┬áPre-Tribulation The church … Continue reading Evangelist Tiff Shuttlesworth