Satan’s Disguises:- Scripture – Day – 01

Background Thank Goodness, my assignment with this blog post is very clear. My hope is to disrobe some of Satan's disguises. Let us get with it.   Blessing May the holiness of God safeguard his word.   Outline Unconscientious Steal Lie Mock Prosecution Idolatry Murderer Unconscientious Proverbs 23:10 - 11 - True Riches ( Link … Continue reading Satan’s Disguises:- Scripture – Day – 01

Curses:- Are Curses The Cause?

Background As one lives life, there are certain things each of us run into and we or sometimes others wonder whether the issues are rooted in curses. Instruments Let us identify some of the toolings that each of us can use to identify whether the cause is a curse. Outline Lies Thievery Sexual Immorality Broken … Continue reading Curses:- Are Curses The Cause?

Reasonable Doubt

Background We live in a time where people will say different things and do as they wish. When the sail gets a bit rusty, as it sometimes will, they will resort to reasonable doubt. Spirituality Christianity Bible Let us reach for our bible and see what it states about reasonable doubt. Genesis Genesis 3:1 - … Continue reading Reasonable Doubt

Spiritual Conviction

Background There is an area that I have wanted to cover and revisit for a while here. It is more than a desire, it is a conviction, a burden, that God laid on me.   Current Affairs Again, watch too much YouTube videos. Whether it is Paternity Court, Divorce Court, and so on. One can … Continue reading Spiritual Conviction