Derek Prince:- Matthew 24:14 ( Gospel of the kingdom has been preached to all nations, then the end will come )

Background We live in a time when many do not hear bible based sermons, less to talk about study their bible.   Sermons 🔥 Why This Interpretation Was hidden? - The 4 Horsemen - The White Horse of the Gospel Videos Video #1 Channel:- Derek Prince Date Published:- 2013-April-19th Date Added:- 2022-July-29th Link Scripture Why … Continue reading Derek Prince:- Matthew 24:14 ( Gospel of the kingdom has been preached to all nations, then the end will come )

Tim Keller:- Tweets – 2022 – March

Background More recent Tim Keller Tweets.   Tweeter Account Tim Keller tweets at Link. His tweeter account is @timkellernyc. Tweets 2022-March-11th To have a meaningful life we need many things: useful labor-paid or not, love relationships, etc. But if any become the ultimate meaning of your life--your main significance or security--they function as a god-substitutes … Continue reading Tim Keller:- Tweets – 2022 – March

Scripture:- 2022 – March ( Day 1 )

Scripture Your God He Remains Psalm 102:26 - The Prayer of the Afflicted ( Link ) …In the beginning, you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of Your hands. They will perish, but You remain; they will all wear out like a garment. Like clothing, You will change them, … Continue reading Scripture:- 2022 – March ( Day 1 )

Christianity & Covid:- 2021- Autumn

Background Family, I will love to tell you otherwise. Yet, the spirit of a Holy God presses in and says tell my people, those called by my name, to watch over themselves foremost. And, extend that same care to those they watch over.   Outline Here are the 'saints' added to the list of those … Continue reading Christianity & Covid:- 2021- Autumn

Evangelist Tiff Shuttlesworth

Background Evangelist Tiff Shuttlesworth is a teacher of the latter days.   Rapture Timing Position In terms of the rapture's timing, Tiff Shuttlesworth is a proponent of the Pre-Trib position.   Glossary Rapture Preterism All the prophecy that was listed in Revelations were targeted for AD 70 All prophecy is behind us  Pre-Tribulation The church … Continue reading Evangelist Tiff Shuttlesworth

General Election 2020 – In Person Voting

Background We are inside of two weeks to election day. In-Person Voting Exact Date Traditionally elections are held every two years on the First Tuesday in November. This year the exact date is Tuesday 2020-November-3rd.   County Voting information is available for each county. County - Alameda County Agency The Agency responsible for co-ordinating our … Continue reading General Election 2020 – In Person Voting

Herman L Murray – That Man of Sin – Strong Delusion

Background It is tough to see a loving God send man a strong delusion. Scripture The Man of Lawlessness …and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that … Continue reading Herman L Murray – That Man of Sin – Strong Delusion

Scripture – Stolen Property

  Scripture Exodus If a man steals an ox or a sheep, and kills it or sells it, he shall repay five oxen for an ox, and four sheep for a sheep. ( Exodus 22:1 ESV ) [ Link ] If a thief is caught breaking in and is beaten to death, no one shall … Continue reading Scripture – Stolen Property

Apostle Herman L. Murray

  Videos "SEDUCING SPIRITS AND DOCTRINES OF DEVILS” Apostle Herman L. Murray Videos Video #1 Channel :- 214mrobjy Published :- 2015-Dec-3rd Added :- 2020-January-19th Link FGHT Dallas: Perilous Times Will Come Videos Video #1 Channel :- Full Gospel Holy Temple Published :- 2016-April-12th Added :- 2020-January-24th Link FGHT Dallas: The Mark of the Beast Videos … Continue reading Apostle Herman L. Murray

Spiritual Conviction

Background There is an area that I have wanted to cover and revisit for a while here. It is more than a desire, it is a conviction, a burden, that God laid on me.   Current Affairs Again, watch too much YouTube videos. Whether it is Paternity Court, Divorce Court, and so on. One can … Continue reading Spiritual Conviction