Word of God:- Timidity

Background Let us touch on the word Timidity. Timeline 2022-September-25th Matt Barnes Interesting enough this post was encouraged by Matt Barnes. He fessed up that he likely jumped the gun on a trending news story. He furthered that many in the press say things. As new revelation happens, unfortunately many do not go and clean … Continue reading Word of God:- Timidity

T.B. Joshua:- Memorialized

Disclaimer This post is not to encourage or promote any of the persons or ministry noted herein. It is intended to educate and not lead people down a ministerial path.   Background Chuck Missler likes to note that there are some areas that are above each of our pay grades. Deliverance ministry is one of … Continue reading T.B. Joshua:- Memorialized

Tomi and Tobi Arayomi – On God’s Calling

Background Wanted to share a couple of Tomi and Tobi Arayomi's short videos.   Forward It is very important to place a pretext around a blog post that itemizes prophetic utterances. The reasons are plentiful. Let us state some of the reasons:- Acts 17:11 ( Link ) Now the Bereans were more noble-minded than the … Continue reading Tomi and Tobi Arayomi – On God’s Calling