Commandment – “You Shall Not Covet”

Background It is a house of matured faith. And, so let us deal with one of the ten commandments.   Thou shall not covet Outline Introduction Law Book Commandment Toolset Bible Figure Abraham Samuel Elisha Paul Proverbs Loving Discipline and Knowledge Identifying Coveoutness Ministries People Focused Self Systems Those of God   Introduction Law Book … Continue reading Commandment – “You Shall Not Covet”

Damon Thompson / 2019 – Summer

  Videos First Wednesday | Damon Thompson Videos Video #1 Channel:- Celebration Church Published On:- 2019-April-8th Link In-Depth First Wednesday | Damon Thompson Divine Restriction Outlive you Outlast you Long Path Release you from anxiety that can not endure the burn Spirit of God came upon Where are Samuel and David? Saul had the same … Continue reading Damon Thompson / 2019 – Summer