Christianity:- YouTube Channels:- Hosts out in the open

Background Some of the little subtle jabs by Christians with YouTube channels are getting more direct. Videos Marcus Rogers Spoken On:- Allen Parr 2021-May Responding To Allen Parr About My Mike Todd Video On Speaking In Tongues Profile I don't usually do these videos in response to videos people make about me but let's see … Continue reading Christianity:- YouTube Channels:- Hosts out in the open

Christianity & The Prophetic:- 2021/October

Introduction To say the Church, at least the prophetic arm, is not getting much sleep these days is to put it very mildly.   Videos Marcus Rogers He Kept Getting Angry That I Wouldn't Open The Door For Him Profile I had an encounter with Joe Biden in my dream. You must listen to this … Continue reading Christianity & The Prophetic:- 2021/October

Allen Parr, Sober Christianity

Videos Critical Race Theory ( CRT ) Josh McDowell Steps Down from Ministry Because of "Racist" Comments | MY REACTION  Profile A Well known Christian apologist and best-selling author and speaker Josh McDowell has recently stepped down from his ministry because of alleged "racist" comments he made during a recent conference. In this video, we … Continue reading Allen Parr, Sober Christianity

Election – 2020:- Post Election – Church & Prophetic Voices

Videos Kris Vallotton 'It was a big mistake': Bethel leader apologizes for wrongly prophesying that Trump would win the presidency Videos Video #1 Published 2020-November-9th Link Gordon Robertson Is the 2020 Election Part of End-Times Prophecy? Profile Gordon Robertson breaks down part of his father’s prophecy about the 2020 election, Israel, and the end times. … Continue reading Election – 2020:- Post Election – Church & Prophetic Voices